Monday, April 12, 2010


    THE VOICE Newspapers, with Computer Specialist Brian Moore and assistance from Concern Organization Who Cares, has registered 75 teenagers online in one week for Youth Ready Chicago – the City’s summer employment program. They will continue to help young people sign up until the June 4 deadline.
    Brad Cummings, Associate Editor for THE VOICE, says, “The City’s summer jobs program has a miserable record of failing to hire West Side teens in past years. We are going to track all the applications we submit, present their applications to West Side aldermen, and demand reports by ward from the Department of Family and Support Services on how many West Siders were actually hired. If we don’t receive this information or if we find out West Side youth are not being hired in appropriate numbers, we will urge the citizens to campaign against all City officials in next year’s election,” Cummings threatens. “Politicians must stop taking the West Side for granted and citizens must start voting their self-interest!”
    Parents and teens requesting help in applying say they are not obtaining similar assistance from their schools, libraries, or elected officials. Many youths say they have applied each year and never been hired or even contacted by the City, according to Brian Moore, who supervised a VOICE-sponsored AfterSchool Matters program at the newspapers several summers ago.
    Persons wishing assistance in registering for Youth Ready Chicago summer jobs should call 773/413-0079 or 773/889-0880 for information.

 Brian Moore, Computer Specialist for THE VOICE Newspapers, helps teenagers register for the City’s summer jobs program at Concern Organization Who Cares. In one week, he signed up 75 young people. The deadline is June 4. (Photo by Brad)

To apply for summer jobs:Click Here 
(You must be between age 14 and 24)

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