Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Attorney Emlyn  Ricketts of First Defense Legal Aid emphasizes the importance of not giving  any  information to police until advised by a lawyer because anything said can be used against you or twisted to sound incriminating. Her agency provides lawyers 24-hours a day at police stations by calling 1-800-LAW-REP-4. (Photo by Darryl Barnett)

Sharlyn Grace of the Legal Assistance Foundation Juvenile Expungement Help Desk explains the importance of clearing youth records of arrests and minor convictions. Her agency provides free assistance with the process. (Photo by Darryl Barnet)

A packed house of participants of all ages attended the Youth & The Law Discussion on police misconduct and abuse. (Photo by Darryl Barnett)

Youth &  The Law moderator Andrew Bashi answers a question regarding a citizen’s rights when stopped by police. (Photo by Darryl Barnett) 

Youth & The Law Series sponsors Luster Jackson, Brenetta Howell Barrett of Pathfinders Prevention Education Fund, Bob Clarke of Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill of Rights, and Brad Cummings of THE VOICE Newspapers. (Photo by Darryl Barnett)

Juvenile Court Judge Marianne Jackson advises Youth & The Law  participants to learn their rights and get involved with their community to prevent becoming victims of police abuse. (Photo by Darryl Barnett)

Participants in and producers of the Youth & The Law Discussion Series presented by First Defense Legal Aid. (Photo by Darryl Barnett)

Attorneys advising young people on how to act when approached by the police: civil rights attorney Gregory E. Kulis, criminal Defense attorney Luther Spence, attorney & event moderator Andrew Bashi, First Defense Legal Aid attorney Emlyn Ricketts, and Juvenile Expungement Help Desk attorney Sharlyn Grace, with a little girl attending the discussion. (Photo by Darryl Barnett)

Friday, April 12, 2013



Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center Intern Juanita Washington discusses layout & composing of THE VOICE Newspaper with Art Director Jeff Potter. Juanita says the Job Corps has changed her way of thinking and changed her life. (Photo by Brad)

Juanita Washington is from Orlando, Florida. Currently, she is serving a Work Based Learning internship in Graphic Design at THE VOICE Newspapers to fulfill her graduation requirement for the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center where she has been attending since July 24, 2012. She says, “I came to the Job Corps because I wanted to become a better person, get off the sofa, and get on my feet independently. To do this, I knew I had to go back to school,” Juanita admits.
“At the age of 17, in my last year, I dropped out of high school. I guess I thought school wasn’t for me, but I was wrong. I can admit that now,” she says. “I found out about this trade program that helps you get your diploma and I jumped to take advantage of it. I always knew I wanted to become an artist. My uncle, dad, and bother Anthony are all artists.
“I decided to study Graphic Design, but the course is only offered at one Job Corps Center in the country – Paul Simon Job Corps Center in Chicago.” Juanita explains, “I came here and have earned my high school diploma on Center in three months. I joined a lot of clubs to keep me busy and focused on my goals. I ran for Vice President of the campus and won with 108 out of 154 votes cast.”
Juanita says that the Job Corps has been a blessing for her because a lot of people don’t get a second chance. “I did, and I have learned that if you change the way you think, it will change your life. I can now say that I have become employable and I know, with a little more hard work and education, I will be successful!”

Friday, April 5, 2013


Minister Ahmed Saadiq of Muhammad’s Mosque, 5836 W. Madison St., opens the Reparations Rally by welcoming supporters and introducing the issue. (Photo by Walter Tidwell)

 Kamm Howard argues in favor of keeping up the fight for reparations. (Photo by Walter Tidwell)

 Human Rights Activist Barbara Baker presents the arguments in favor of reparations for centuries of slavery, oppression & discrimination in the United States. (Photo by Walter Tidwell)

 Special guest speaker was Kamal Akram, Commissioner of the North American Reparations Task Force. (Photo by Walter Tidwell)

 Minister Ahmed & the Reparations Task Force at the rally held at Muhammad’s Mosque, 5836 W. Madison St. (Photo by Walter Tidwell)