Friday, April 22, 2011


On April 4, the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., officials of Lawndale Christian Development Corporation gathered with elected officials and West Side civic leaders for the ribbon-cutting ceremony opening the Dr. King Legacy Apartments at 1550 South Hamlin Avenue, on the site where Dr. King and his family lived in 1966 during his protests against segregated housing in Chicago. The new complex contains 45 units of affordable housing and commercial space on the street level. The original building was destroyed during the riots that were sparked by Dr. King’s murder.
    The City of Chicago is a partner in the development with Lawndale Christian Development Corporation through $6.5 million in loans and tax credits. The Dr. King Legacy Apartment units are energy-efficient. Ten units are set aside for Chicago Housing Development voucher holders and the development also includes green space and a number of sustainable features, including a partial green roof and the use of recycled materials in construction.
    The apartments are located within the new 4-acre Martin Luther King Historic District, part of a larger effort attracting affordable housing and commercial development to North Lawndale. Ultimately, the district will include a new campus park, a new library, a job-training center, and the Martin Luther King Fair Housing Museum.
    “It is developments like these that help our neighborhoods grow stronger and demonstrate how working together we can collectively provide affordable housing and economic opportunities citywide,” declares Mayor Richard M. Daley. He said that one of the things he is proudest of as Mayor is the City’s long-standing commitment to affordable housing.
    “Chicago has made much progress in many areas since Dr. King lived in this neighborhood,” the Mayor said, “although much remains to be done. But, our schools are better. Our neighborhoods are stronger. And we have moved past the years when racial politics and rhetoric divided our city.”


Groucho, with one of his newly adopted seniors at Victory Centre of Galewood as part of the innovative See Spot Retire Program.
    Groucho, a young German Shepherd mix, moved into his new home at Victory Centre of Galewood, a supportive living community for senior citizens at 2370 North Newcastle. The mid-sized, mellow pooch was one of hundreds of dogs living in a city shelter with little hope for a happy future before the senior community adopted him as part of the innovative See Spot Retire Program by Pathway Senior Living, owners and operators of Victory Centre of South Chicago.
    Julie Casiello from Love Your Pet, Inc., who helped place Groucho, says the dog struck a chord in her heart. “I knew he’d be a good fit for the senior community.”
    Unfortunately, Casiello doesn’t see many happy endings like this one. In today’s economy, many families struggle to make ends meet due to the rising costs of fuel, food, and housing. “Pet ownership can be expensive, and it’s one area of the family budget that quickly gets cut when times are tough,” Casiello notes.
    The See Spot Retire Program gives shelter dogs a second chance, while in turn, the dogs help enrich the lives of their elder owners and create a more home-like environment in the retirement community. In this win-win situation, shelter dogs like Groucho enjoy a dog’s life while the senior residents experience the positive benefits of pet ownership, such as: reduced blood pressure; increased relaxation; stress relief; ease of pain; increased activity; better overall morale; help coping with illness, loss and depression; decreased isolation; increased communication; opportunities for touch and contact; and overall better physical and mental health.
    Groucho and the seniors are off to a good start says Shirl Harvey, Community Life Manager at Victory Centre of Galewood. The residents are already scheduling walking and feeding responsibilities for their furry friend, who freely roams the community interacting with residents and staff and greeting visitors.
    Victory Centre of Galewood is a Supportive Living community that features newer, private apartments with call systems, three meals a day, support services as needed, activities and outings, and other social opportunities at an affordable monthly rate. Pathway Senior Living facilitates the See Spot Retire Program at the other supportive and independent living communities it owns and operates in Chicago’s Roseland and South Chicago neighborhoods, and the suburbs of Bartlett, Calumet City, Country Club Hills, Elk Grove Village, Park Forest, Joliet, Melrose Park, and Vernon Hills (under construction), and in Detroit, Michigan. For more information on Pathway’s See Spot Retire Program, call 847-768-5100 or visit


The Chicago Public Building Commission has issued a contract for the renovation of the Collins High School building.
    The Public Building Commission of Chicago awarded a contract for the renovation of the existing George Collins High School at 1313 South Sacramento Drive in Douglas Park. The scope of the project includes the conversion of an auto shop into a library/media center and college resource center; interior classroom finishes throughout the Arts Building; new lighting and sound system for the auditorium; new filtration system and main drain for the swimming pool; and new paving and landscaping at main entry plazas.
    The Collins High School renovation is scheduled to begin this spring and be completed with the building open for students prior to the beginning of the fall session.
    The PBC implements an economic sustainability program for each project it takes on, including bid incentives for the employment of apprentices and minority and female workers; community hiring and resident workforce requirements; and contract provisions that require minority- and women-owned business participation and local business involvement.
    A date for community hiring intake will be scheduled in the next few months and will be posted at the construction site.
    This project is funded through the Modern Schools Across Chicago (MSAC) initiative, an innovative program financed through a combination of Chicago Public Schools bonds and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) funds. To date, 19 new schools and renovations have been completed or are in development by the Public Building Commission. The MSAC projects developed by the PBC have a current projected surplus of $109 million, or 10.13%. Additional information about the PBC and its projects can be found at

Poetry Month

          (For Rosetta Scott)
Nat King Cole was a merry ole soul
As he sat perched up against
Mama's ole wooden phonograph next
To Billie Holiday and Roberta Flack,
Killing us Softly every Sunday,
And I knew that one day,
Things were going to be alright,
'Cause something in their voices
Helped Mama make it through the night,
Something in their voices got Mama through
The work week,
It was so powerful it didn't allow Mama to speak,
At night she sat in the living room and closed her eyes
and drifted and away went all the darkness and gloom...
Her thoughts transcended this earth and she forgot that
we were poor.
But she never forgot that we were hungry as a good parent never does
She stood up tall to show us what a good mother she was,
When I get in a rut and start feeling down and lost,
I rewind my thoughts back and peer into that 3 bedroom window
and look at the woman who paid the cost,
For me to continue to hear the music...
Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee

What is a woman?

A woman is unique, hard to beat and will not accept defeat. God gave a
woman a gift to uplift.

A woman is a part of history and a man think we can be a mystery.
A woman don’t mine following a man which is her husband who is God
fearing, respectful and kind and don’t mine if she shines.

A woman want a man that she can trust and will never have to lust. A
woman wants a lover not a player.
A woman wants a man that doesn’t mine serving her because she
deserves it with a great attitude and gratitude.

A woman wants a man that don’t disappear when problems arises because
they both know that god specializes.

A woman wants a man that will commit and not quit. A woman wants a
man that will listen and understand her feelings.

A woman wants a man that can resist temptation without hesitation.

By: Frances Loretta Freeman

Can you trust him?
By Ida Barnes

He who says that you
are a chosen generation, a
royal priesthood a peculiar
people, can you trust him?
He who says that the
cattle on a thousand hills are his.
Can you trust him?
He who says that I am the
dance today yesterday and
somehow not change,
Can you trust him?
He who says that I am
the only true and living God,
Can you trust him?
He who laid to Abraham
Is there anything too hard
for God Can you trust him?
He who could am alpha
and omega, the beginning and the end,
Can you trust him?
He who says in my father’s house
are many mansions, can you trust him?
He who says that will never leave
you now will never leave you now forsake you,
Can you trust him?
He who says the thief is come feet to steal, kill, and destroy,
but come that you might
have kill, can you trust him?
He who created the cleaned and the cattle.
Can you trust him?
He who went to hell
so that you would not
have to go, Can you trust him?

The Ballad of Hade’s Sorrow

In the Valley of the Dead
Past the River of Forgetfullness
Lies a beast so large and Tall
A serpent with dozens of heads waits for the call
Much like its bretheren Hades keeps it on guard
It sleeps in the dark just waiting for the prey
If only Hades would have known
Had known the price he would pay
The Queen of the Underworld bore two little girls
One by her husband, the other from her father
Hades gave both his love
Only to see them both fall
In Persephone’s Garden, Hades sat in peace
Only to see the girls running toward the beast
Hades knew it slept and rushed to catch up
He called across his land, in hopes for Cerberus
Hecate heard the God’s cries
She heard his distress
But averted her eyes
Not wanting to send her pet.
Cerberus whimpered as Hades began to beg
Hecate walked over and looked ahead.
She saw the young goddesses and dropped her head
Giving into Hades and pledged never again
Cerberus bound from its’ master’s house
Following the scent with ease
Hades turned with eyes filled
And just barely caught hold of the black furred beast
Sitting in between the shoulder blades
Hades held tight
Both God and Beast heard the Hydra and hoping they were not to late
He tried to get the girls in his sight
He heard them scream
He already knew they were too late
But he kept pushing
Just as Cerberus kept running
They were sitting right before the Hydra
One bleeding while the other trying to lift her
Cerberus’ growls echoed on the walls as Hades fell
And watched them being engulfed by flame
Six head flew out of the flame
A black paw slapped into only three
As the rest tasted blood
Hades had to get the girls free
He ran into the smoke
Hoping to Thanatos that he would not take them yet
But there they lay
Laying in their own blood on the battle field
With the help of Hecate
Cerberus was pulled out with only some damage
With the help of Hermes
The girls were pulled out as dead bodies
Hades sat in misery in Persephone’s Garden
His children buried before him
No longer does he hear them sing
No longer do they kiss his cheek
And so Hades blames himself
Blame for their deaths
And blame for Cerberus
And so he sits in silence for centuries in sorrow and guilt.


The newest local business is Ice Cream on Austin, featuring Sloppy Joes, Italian Beef, Italian Sausage, and Chicago-style Hot Dogs, in addition to an assortment of ice cream treats. The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday 12 noon to 8 PM. For faster service, call your order in to 773/870-9320. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
Tilford Lamb & Harry O. Cannon are proprietors of Ice Cream on Austin, 1613 N. Austin Blvd. The menu features tasty Sloppy Joes, Turkey Joes & Spicy Sausage Joes in addition to a full assortment of ice cream flavors. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

Poetry Month

Koi Fish
By Jayln Rossignol

I wish, she was not such a flirt,
For she is the beautiful koi fish,
Teasing and tempting you to our pool.
I sometimes really try to stop her,
But I am hiding behind her.
When you try to get in the pool,
To find her,
I am the only one standing there.
I love the idea that,
Someone might really truly like me,
But unsure if it’s me they like or her,
The one who tempted you to our pool.
I also feel like part of this is not real,
For it is just the inner koi fish,
Trying to give me what it thinks I want.
Yes I hate being alone.
Yes I love flirting,
But sometimes I am the koi fish,
That swims away when,
You reach the pool.
For when you try to go swimming,
With my I will retreat to something,
Else in my life or the depths of my mind.
The only way to get her to come out,
Is by teasing her at the waters edge,
And letting her come to you.
You must give her space,
By not climbing in to the pool.
For if you make her feel trapped,
She will never come out.
You must also trust that,
When she swims away,
For a will that she it come back,
For she is very loyal

by Loreene Snider

Every pain that haunts the soul
Pushing forward to the single goal
Life in general is a single run
Given by the gods as an act of fun
We take the pins
The knives and guns
Call it what you will
But you’ve yet won
Running even faster at the age of 20
Can you even make it to the age of 50?
Can you survive the test so many has failed
Or is it all meaningless and do you tire of the trail?
I run my course
While you run yours
Ours may intertwine
But is that a goal
Endure through life
That is all that is called for
Endure through the pains
That is what we are told
So life is only here to be worth living
To strive
To fight
To keep on running
Cause in the end
We only endure in these constricted walls
Till death himself makes his call
So yes, death is the goal, the black abyss
But every moment you keep moving
It makes enduring the years of pain
All that much more worth the beautiful things



By Christian Cobaxin

Lived my life of sin
Now I’m dead and buried
I know my family is crying
As my coffin is carried
Six feet deep in the mud and soil
Awaiting the maggots
As my skin starts to spoil
My world has gone black
I can now rest in peace
All of a sudden
I feel claws at my feet
I have awoken
My box is my cell
And my coffin
Is now my personal hell
Cause the demons below
Know my sorrow and fears
Claustrophobic and stuck
As I burst into tears
My next biggest fear
Is being alone and confused
Alone in the dark
I’ve burnt out my fuse
I hear loud laughter
As I lay in this box
No way of escaping
Buried under rocks
Forever tortured
I’m trapped in the dirt
I’m being punished now
For my time spent on earth

Please Put The Guns Down.

Put the guns down, put the guns down, put the guns down.
Too many kids
Are being put underground.
Put the guns down brothers, hear what I say.
To many young people are dying, each and everyday.
Young people with goals, that could reach the skies.
Are gunned downed and killed by senseless drivebys.
A young man doing right on his way to school,
Gets into a beef  With another young dude.
The crowd that was watching, they start to run,
Because the young man pulls out, a very big gun.
Bang, bang, bang,  Is all you hear,
You see people screaming,
 hollering, and running with fear.
You fall to the ground,
And close your eyes,
Because three people just got shot, and two of them die.
Now a young man growing up, just lost his Father,
A Mother just lost her son,
And starts to holler.
They say he was a straight A student, he could have even been a scholar,
He just lost his life, over a measly little dollar.
Please put the guns down,
Put the guns down,  Put the guns down.
To many kids are being put under ground
Put the guns down bro, to many kids are dying yo,
to many homies that we know.
My homie name Ricky bro,
was coming out the corner store.
He bumped a guy he didn’t know,
and got into his 64.
Ricky headed home yo,
he was driving real slow.
Remember that guy from before,
He pulled up to Ricky’s door.
When he pulled up to Ricky’s door,
you heard him scream OOH, NO.
Dude up a big 44,
now little Ricky is no more.
Please put the guns down,
Put the guns down,
Put the guns down.
To Many Kids
Are Being Put Underground.

By. Quentin Mayes 
A.K.A  Simply Q

The doorbell rings, everyone’s in place
In comes a man with problems on his face
I searched him, for pictures
I directed him to the line

He’s constantly telling me
He’s committed no crime
I processed him and put him away
Only to stay another day

“Officer, how long am I here?”
“You’ll be here until your prints clear.”
The doorbell rings, a second arrest
This one is a whining pest!

His eyes are roaming, no problems I hope
After a quick pat there’s hidden dope
In his sock there’s another component
In the Lock-up there’s never a dull moment.
       By Ismail Sami Muhammad

Thursday, April 21, 2011


A parked car at North & Latrobe destroyed by a reckless driver who flipped his own car and was killed. (VOICE Photo)On Sunday night, April 17, at 10:00 PM, a driver allegedly upset over a domestic dispute hit several cars near North & Kedzie, then sped west on North Avenue, losing control of his car and hitting a line of parked cars west of Laramie, and flipping over. He was thrown from his car and killed. At least one person was injured and taken to the hospital by ambulance.
A Concerned citizen captured this video. WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGERY.

Emma Mitts Goes to Opening of Forman Mills

Forman Mills has become the meeting place for West Side shoppers. Ald. Mitts talks with happy bargain hunters. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
A film crew from CLTV interviews Ald. Emma Mitts in the new Forman Mills store in Austin. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
Ald. Mitts speaks with a clerk in the checkout line at Forman Mills. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
Ald. Emma Mitts greets a family of shoppers with carts full of bargains at Forman Mills Clothing Factory Warehouse, 1450 N. Cicero Ave. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

Poetry Month

The Astronauts

Students attending training at the NASA station
While preparing for a trip in moderation
Months of studying how proud they were
Getting ready to launch for this great tour

Being proud of themselves
not believing in superstition
To their families and country
concentrating on their mission
From the masses of people
A school teacher was selected
With dedication and hard work they felt
They were protected

They worked so hard and were proud to be
Among those chosen from this family tree
The rocket took off with a very red glare
Watching it explode was followed with despair

Sorrow was felt throughout the world wide
The pain of their loved ones no one can hide
What happened on this day will not soon pass
While flags the world over are flying half mast

What happened on this mission was very clear
The passengers aboard had no time to fear
To expect the unexpected no one can be taught
But the world feels sorrow for the families of
The Astronauts

Ismail Sami Muhammad

Dragon, Scorned       

A knight rides out; so noble, brave
To find a maiden’s Life to save
He asks around; And hears a tale
Of towers tall; No man can scale
He wonders; if A maid there be
Awaiting him; He goes to see
From far away; He spots the walls
A castle, huge; It’s towers tall
And suddenly; A flash of fire
A dragon comes; A danger, dire
He wheels about; In terror flees
Fast as he can;  With knocking knees
He drives and spurs; His noble steed
A broiled knight; Is dead indeed
A dragon scorned; Is like as not
To find you cold; And leave you hot.
    By Natasja Shuman


I absolutely love the website
It enables me to listen to music without a CD rom.
I also get to watch movie clips and previews.
At the end it allows me to give a thumbs up or down
and leave comments,
I can share videos on
or press a button and they are sent.
I’ve seen footage of Mayor Jane Byrne’s
Summer Fest in Cabrini Green in the early eighties.
I’ve seen scorned lovers go on jealous rants
and adorable dancing babies
There was even an incident at one of my job sites
that was captured on a cell, When the participants realized they were being taped they said, ‘oh, well.’
I also love because it’s user friendly,
All you need is a digital camera or a cell phone
and a microphone.
They don’t even have to be yours
nine times out of ten people are willing to loan.
Even my children have uploaded videos on So I am pretty sure that anyone can learn
even Harry, Dick, or Tom.
    By Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee


No meanings
No sense to be made
Love is everywhere
But no where all the same
Love is like spirituality
We search at some point in time
Only to fall or succeed
depending on who we are
At one moment you are
higher than heaven
Next you are so low
Hell is what you look up at
We all know this false love
We all hide the pains
Only to try again
Are we fools of this single four letter word
Just as some see us as victums of fate
I say we...stuck in a perpetual search
Constant confusion
Agonizing loneliness of life
Searching for our other halves
Our missing puzzle piece
This word creates war
as it can create beauty
It drives some mad
It can kill
It can create life
And still we are plagued
from a young age till death
We can’t escape
    By Amber Scott


Went down this street and saw dying:
Went down this street and heard hate,
hidden in glorious words,
that sounded like truth, but still hate:
Went down this street
saw the youth being subjected to all the glories of death, instead of being taught the truth’s of life, which turned them resentful, and the adults pushing the trend:
Went down this street
witnessed rape/murder,
deceit all played on the minds of the believing:
Went down this street and observed man and woman pushing their love for (SATAN) yet constantly inflicting mindless hurt
on all who differ:
Went down this street saw society worshipping many (GODS),
yes some were subdued,
some were dancing,
some were shouting,
some even fainted,
but they all hollowed “oh (GOD)
oh (GOD)”where is my (DOLLAR)?
It’s not so hard to
try a long-long (path)
to find (TRUTH),
we fall off the (Path’s)
we try to follow,
simply by going down
some very short streets:.
    By Louis Parker


The Chicago Park District’s Central Region Junior Citizen Finalists at the awards banquet in the Garfield Park Conservatory. The 8 Finalists advancing to compete City-wide are: (Front Row, left to right) Karen Sosa of Curie Park, Dominique Heil of Armour Square Park, Renita Williams of Union Park, and Taylor Brown of Homan Square Park; (Back Row, left to right) Zachary Ensworth of Donovan Park, Brandon Duchon of Commercial Park, William Crawford of Garfield Park, and Douglas Brewster of Lake Meadows Park. Central Region Manager Art Richardson congratulates the Finalists.
    Three outstanding West Side teens were honored at the Chicago Park District’s Central Region Junior Citizen Award competition banquet gala at the Garfield Park Conservatory. WFLD-TV/Channel 32 News Anchor Robin Robinson was guest speaker at the banquet. The Junior Citizen Program is designed to recognize and reward seniors in high school who participate in park, school, church, and civic activities and exhibit leadership qualities. Central Region Finalists will advance to the City-wide Park District competition at Soldier Field.
    Taylor Brown is from Homan Square Park.  Taylor attends Curie Metropolitan High School where she is Student Council President and member of the National Honor Society. She has been a volunteer at Homan Square Park for the last seven years where she currently serves as president of Teen Leadership. Taylor is also active in the NAACP West Side Branch and Ambassador of United Lawndale. Taylor plans to attend college and major in Political Science and Secondary Education.
    Renita Williams represents Union Park.  Renita attends Whitney Young Magnet High School where her activities include the J.R.O.T.C, Student Council, African American Academic Club (President), National Honor Society and the Debate Team.  Ms. Williams has been a Junior Volunteer and recreational leader for summer camp at the park. His community service is outstanding. Her goal is to become employed with an organization where she can pursue a career in marketing.
    William Crawford represents Garfield Park.  William attends Providence St. Mel High School where is a tutor, an adviser for the Lego Robotics teams, plays chess, competes in the World Wide Youth for Science and Engineering team  and Shakespearian drama.  At the park he has been active in the afterschool program and various sports activities. William plans to attend college in the fall to pursue his interest in aeronautical engineering or computer science.  His goal and love of aviation is to become a pilot.

Poetry Month

The Signs of the Time
Ismail Sami Muhammad

Seagulls flying into the inner city
Birds of prey it’s not so pretty
Just when you thought things were fine
We’re now witnessing the signs of the time

If you observed what’s going on around you
You would ask yourself “Have I been true?”
I think we should concentrate this hour
Because we must answer to a Higher Power

When we learn of terror attacking our border
It’s time to get our house in order
We got relaxed when things were fine
Now we’re witnessing the signs of the time

By Mikel Bonds

These feet of mine
Have walked a thousand miles
And yet they go on searching
Forever searching, traveling
the world. In pursuit of a truth
A truth that may never be found
The answer to all my questions
The end to all my pain
These concealed emotions
I keep inside myself are hammering
Hammering against the walls
Of an eternal prison
And soon like teardrops in the rain
To be released forever shattering
My existence

Wayfaring People
By: Ismail Sami Muhammad
When you look at the world today
You see that the world has become
a place of wayfaring and wondering people,
many have lost their way of the path of God, they can no longer read the signs of the time, they can no longer read the signs
of the heavenly order,
there’s no more mourning in your life
when you get truth,
we need more casting stones,
when you get the truth,
no more casting stones,
when you get the truth, no more lying,
no more hatred, No more war
all you will have in society is peace,
love, and developement of a human being.

By: Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
Remember back in the day
When rubbing alcohol
Cleaned the scratches
On LP’s and 45’s
And placing a nickel on
A phonograph needle
Kept the party alive
When Now-n-laters were a dime,
And playing catch-a-girl-kiss-a-girl
wasn’t a crime.
When you ran home after school,
To watch the Flintstones and
Giligan’s Island,
To see if those 7 crazy castaways
Would ever make it to dry land.
When slogans like ‘When you give
A kid a book you give a kid a break’,
And a ‘Mind is a terrible hing to waste’,
Were generated for kids sake.
When you dropped a piece of candy
Then picked it up and kissed it up to God,
But you didn’t dare perform that ritual
In front of your mom’ cause you knew it was odd.
When party rap was the in thing,
And when you went to a party
A gift or a card with a dollar in it
Is what you’d bring.
When colorful plastic jackets
And jelly bean sandals were all the rate,
And you got your first summer job and
$3.35 was the minimum wage.
When you wore high water pants or floods,
And you friends make jokes about them
That were all duds,
When it was a treat to go downtown
To watch a Bruce Lee or Spike Lee flick,
And you’d eat popcorn and cotton candy.
Until it made you sick
When someone called you mama,
It was sure to cause all kinds of drama,
But the street fight ended,
Without a doubt,
When the street lights went out.
When family reunion’s were something
You looked forward to attending
You got a chance to meet new relatives
And with the old ones
There was time for fence mending.
When you could ride around all Sunday
On Super transfers,
When you chased rainbows that didn’t curse.
Life was a little bit simpler back then,
So that is where I prefer to take my pen,
And conjure up memories from days gone by,
In these perilous times
Is there any  question why?


Jake Gyllenhaal travels through time to prevent a catastrophe.
 By Kevin Pacione

Source Code makes its way to theaters in April! Source Code is a science fiction action thriller that revolves around the fact that there are only eight minutes to live in another person’s body. The main character, Captain Colter Stevens (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), is a pilot soldier in another man’s body after being unconscious from an accident. Stevens wakes up in this other man’s body on a train next to a young woman named Christina Warren (played by Michelle Monaghan), who knows Stevens as the other man, going by the name Sean Fentress.
Stevens is on a mission to prevent a terrorist from bombing the trains in alternate realities that the bomber has the ability to enter. Stevens is sent on this mission by one of his instructors named Captain Colleen Goodwin
(played by Vera Farmiga), who resides in an alternate reality that he originally came from. He goes to an alternate reality with the use of a source code only available to people affiliated with Dr. Rutledge, their leading officer (played by Jeffrey Wright). Stevens can be and is sent several times to different alternate realities from the
main one Goodwin is located at in order to locate the terrorist who’s bombing millions of innocent people to death.
He only has eight minutes until the bomb sets off on the train, and
every time he fails to find the bomber that’s known to be located in the train,
the bomb will set off, everyone is technically killed from the bomb, being erased from that reality, and Stevens is transported back to his original reality in order to try again since Captain Goodwin is able to keep Stevens’ mind intact.
There are tons and tons of realities that the bomber is bombing because he wants everyone to begin from rubble, in which everyone has to be killed in order to start a new life. (Separate fact: One of the scenes in the movie was filmed at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, and the train itself is headed to Chicago).
Source Code is extremely well-written as a fictional action movie that is a must-see for anyone who likes sci-fi or Jake Gyllenhaal. The story is really developed all throughout the movie. It keeps people guessing till the end and always remains suspenseful every time Captain Stevens is sent back out to retry his mission. Check out Source Code in theaters to see how Captain Colter Stevens seals the fate of himself and millions of other innocent people.

Kevin Pacione is a senior at Chicago Academy High School. He is serving an internship at THE VOICE Newspapers. Kevin plans to attend college and wants to become a comedy writer for television or the movies.

Our thoughts go out to Kevin
Get Well Soon


Federal Aviation Administration employee Joyce Scott volunteers as a tutor with an Oscar DePriest student.
Jonathan Thedford of the Social Security Administration quizzes 4th grade students on reading comprehension in preparation for the Illinois Standards Achievement Test at DePriest Elementary School.
Starting in March, Federal agency employees are volunteering their time and energy at Oscar DePriest Elementary School, 39 South Parkside Avenue, in Austin. The Federal Executive Board in Chicago came up with the initiative for providing resources to Chicago Public Schools to increase student academic achievement and well-being. Graduate students from the University of Illinois at Chicago Masters in Public Administration program designed surveys for parents, students, and teachers evaluating student needs. They subsequently designed and are implementing a tutoring program and soccer program at DePriest. It is the goal of the Federal Executive Board to expand these programs into other Chicago Public Schools.
    “We are seeing very dedicated federal employees making important differences in the lives of our future leaders,” says FEB project leader Mark Ludeking. “I think this is exactly what President Kennedy envisioned when he created Federal Executive Boards.”

Operation HOPE’s FIVE MILLION KIDS Initiative: PricewaterhouseCoopers TEACHES FINANCE AT ST. ANGELA

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the giant accounting firm and financial managers, are teaming up with Operation HOPE’s Five Million Kids campaign to break the rate of the high school dropout epidemic by teaching young people how to financially prosper in life. Alarming research reveals that K-12 students across the country lack proficiency in math and financial literacy.
    PwC sent 20 financial interns each to St. Angela School, 1332 North Massasoit Avenue, and St. Catherine-St. Lucy School, Washington Boulevard at Austin Boulevard in Oak Park, to conduct hands-on classroom workshops with students, introducing them to financial concepts of saving, investing, budgeting, and banking. Operation HOPE has created an educational program called Banking On Our Future. The classes start with A Course in Dignity. It goes on to teach the basics of banking and budgeting, explanations of saving and checking accounts, a chapter on credit and its wise use, and an introduction to basic investing.
    Students in grades 4-8 were instructed in the working principles of personal finance, banking, and household budgeting. Then, they were given group assignments to put to use what they learned in real life situations.