Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poetry Month

The Astronauts

Students attending training at the NASA station
While preparing for a trip in moderation
Months of studying how proud they were
Getting ready to launch for this great tour

Being proud of themselves
not believing in superstition
To their families and country
concentrating on their mission
From the masses of people
A school teacher was selected
With dedication and hard work they felt
They were protected

They worked so hard and were proud to be
Among those chosen from this family tree
The rocket took off with a very red glare
Watching it explode was followed with despair

Sorrow was felt throughout the world wide
The pain of their loved ones no one can hide
What happened on this day will not soon pass
While flags the world over are flying half mast

What happened on this mission was very clear
The passengers aboard had no time to fear
To expect the unexpected no one can be taught
But the world feels sorrow for the families of
The Astronauts

Ismail Sami Muhammad

Dragon, Scorned       

A knight rides out; so noble, brave
To find a maiden’s Life to save
He asks around; And hears a tale
Of towers tall; No man can scale
He wonders; if A maid there be
Awaiting him; He goes to see
From far away; He spots the walls
A castle, huge; It’s towers tall
And suddenly; A flash of fire
A dragon comes; A danger, dire
He wheels about; In terror flees
Fast as he can;  With knocking knees
He drives and spurs; His noble steed
A broiled knight; Is dead indeed
A dragon scorned; Is like as not
To find you cold; And leave you hot.
    By Natasja Shuman


I absolutely love the website
It enables me to listen to music without a CD rom.
I also get to watch movie clips and previews.
At the end it allows me to give a thumbs up or down
and leave comments,
I can share videos on
or press a button and they are sent.
I’ve seen footage of Mayor Jane Byrne’s
Summer Fest in Cabrini Green in the early eighties.
I’ve seen scorned lovers go on jealous rants
and adorable dancing babies
There was even an incident at one of my job sites
that was captured on a cell, When the participants realized they were being taped they said, ‘oh, well.’
I also love because it’s user friendly,
All you need is a digital camera or a cell phone
and a microphone.
They don’t even have to be yours
nine times out of ten people are willing to loan.
Even my children have uploaded videos on So I am pretty sure that anyone can learn
even Harry, Dick, or Tom.
    By Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee


No meanings
No sense to be made
Love is everywhere
But no where all the same
Love is like spirituality
We search at some point in time
Only to fall or succeed
depending on who we are
At one moment you are
higher than heaven
Next you are so low
Hell is what you look up at
We all know this false love
We all hide the pains
Only to try again
Are we fools of this single four letter word
Just as some see us as victums of fate
I say we...stuck in a perpetual search
Constant confusion
Agonizing loneliness of life
Searching for our other halves
Our missing puzzle piece
This word creates war
as it can create beauty
It drives some mad
It can kill
It can create life
And still we are plagued
from a young age till death
We can’t escape
    By Amber Scott


Went down this street and saw dying:
Went down this street and heard hate,
hidden in glorious words,
that sounded like truth, but still hate:
Went down this street
saw the youth being subjected to all the glories of death, instead of being taught the truth’s of life, which turned them resentful, and the adults pushing the trend:
Went down this street
witnessed rape/murder,
deceit all played on the minds of the believing:
Went down this street and observed man and woman pushing their love for (SATAN) yet constantly inflicting mindless hurt
on all who differ:
Went down this street saw society worshipping many (GODS),
yes some were subdued,
some were dancing,
some were shouting,
some even fainted,
but they all hollowed “oh (GOD)
oh (GOD)”where is my (DOLLAR)?
It’s not so hard to
try a long-long (path)
to find (TRUTH),
we fall off the (Path’s)
we try to follow,
simply by going down
some very short streets:.
    By Louis Parker

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