Thursday, April 21, 2011


Jake Gyllenhaal travels through time to prevent a catastrophe.
 By Kevin Pacione

Source Code makes its way to theaters in April! Source Code is a science fiction action thriller that revolves around the fact that there are only eight minutes to live in another person’s body. The main character, Captain Colter Stevens (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), is a pilot soldier in another man’s body after being unconscious from an accident. Stevens wakes up in this other man’s body on a train next to a young woman named Christina Warren (played by Michelle Monaghan), who knows Stevens as the other man, going by the name Sean Fentress.
Stevens is on a mission to prevent a terrorist from bombing the trains in alternate realities that the bomber has the ability to enter. Stevens is sent on this mission by one of his instructors named Captain Colleen Goodwin
(played by Vera Farmiga), who resides in an alternate reality that he originally came from. He goes to an alternate reality with the use of a source code only available to people affiliated with Dr. Rutledge, their leading officer (played by Jeffrey Wright). Stevens can be and is sent several times to different alternate realities from the
main one Goodwin is located at in order to locate the terrorist who’s bombing millions of innocent people to death.
He only has eight minutes until the bomb sets off on the train, and
every time he fails to find the bomber that’s known to be located in the train,
the bomb will set off, everyone is technically killed from the bomb, being erased from that reality, and Stevens is transported back to his original reality in order to try again since Captain Goodwin is able to keep Stevens’ mind intact.
There are tons and tons of realities that the bomber is bombing because he wants everyone to begin from rubble, in which everyone has to be killed in order to start a new life. (Separate fact: One of the scenes in the movie was filmed at Millennium Park in downtown Chicago, and the train itself is headed to Chicago).
Source Code is extremely well-written as a fictional action movie that is a must-see for anyone who likes sci-fi or Jake Gyllenhaal. The story is really developed all throughout the movie. It keeps people guessing till the end and always remains suspenseful every time Captain Stevens is sent back out to retry his mission. Check out Source Code in theaters to see how Captain Colter Stevens seals the fate of himself and millions of other innocent people.

Kevin Pacione is a senior at Chicago Academy High School. He is serving an internship at THE VOICE Newspapers. Kevin plans to attend college and wants to become a comedy writer for television or the movies.

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