Friday, December 17, 2010



Mother Mary Ann Lee, a longtime member of Metropolitan Baptist Church on Chicago’s West Side, celebrated her 105th birthday on October 24.

Mary Ann Lee has seen and experienced the most dramatic changes the world has ever known. On October 24, Mother Lee reached the milestone of 105 years. Relatives and friends threw a birthday party for her in the nursing home in which she now resides.
    Despite her advanced age, she is still mentally sharp and enjoys receiving guests.
    She was born in LaGrange, Georgia, in 1905, was educated in the South and was employed as a domestic worker. She was married to Robert Lee Broom and they had a son, who is now deceased. Mother Lee came to Chicago in 1940 and then to Cincinnati. Returning to Chicago, she became an active member of Metropolitan Baptist Church on the West Side.
    Mother Lee has five grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren, and four great-great-grandchildren.
Mother Lee celebrating her 105th birthday with several generations of her family.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Marshall High School athletes & coaches surround Mayor Daley, Alderman Smith, and Senator Hendon as their new $10 million campus park is dedicated.

The new $10 million campus park adjoining John Marshall Metro High School at 3250 West Adams Street, was recently dedicated by Mayor Richard M. Daley, Alderman Ed Smith, and Senator Rickey Hendon. It includes a combination soccer and football field, a softball diamond, a running track, a landscaped garden with benches, and visitor parking.
    Marshall students like the new campus park because it permits their athletic teams to practice at the school instead of traveling to Garfield Park. The campus park project was a center of controversy during its construction, with West Side activists and community organizations staging protests over failure of the general contractor to select local minority subcontractors or hire workers from the community.
    However, the City says local businesses performed more than 31% of the work on the project – well over the 25% required by the contract. In addition, 64% of the skilled trade journeymen on the project were minorities, as were all of the apprentices and laborers. Over 12% of the total labor hours went to community hires – far exceeding the 7.5% required by the contract.


William Dougherty & Greg Bella of the Fraternal Order of Police present Distinguished Service Awards to Officers Francisco Iza, Mark DeBose & Jason Bala for apprehending a dangerous armed robber in East Garfield Park.
Chicago Police Officers Francisco Iza, Mark DeBose, and Jason Bala observed a vehicle run a red light at Washington & Kedzie during routine patrol and gave chase east on Warren Boulevard, south on Albany Avenue, and through an alley at 3018 West Madison Street. The car stopped suddenly and two subjects fled southbound on foot. Officers Iza and DeBose pursued the offenders, at which time Officer Bala alerted them that one man had a gun. Officer Iza focused on the offender, who was grabbing at his waistband. Running into a vacant lot, the offender turned toward Officers Iza and DeBose with a handgun and fired in their direction. Officer Iza returned fire, striking the offender, who fell to the ground and dropped the weapon. He was taken into custody and the gun was recovered. Further investigation revealed the offender had just robbed two individuals at gunpoint at 3200 West Maypole.
    The Fraternal Order of Police presented Distinguished Service Awards to the officers in recognition of their bravery and dedication to the citizens of Chicago in taking a dangerous offender and his weapon off the streets.


Marcell L. Kellum, 37, of the 700 block of N. Laramie Ave., is in custody for committing an armed robbery while impersonating a police officer.Marcell L. Kellum, 37, of the 700 block of North Laramie Avenue, was arrested and charged with two felony counts of Aggravated Robbery, one felony count of Aggravated False Personation of a Police Officer, and one Issuance of Warrant count.
    On November 24 at approximately 10:25 AM, Kellum entered a small retail food store on the West Side where he encountered two male employees standing behind the counter. He announced he was a police officer and handcuffed one of the men, subsequently robbing him of cash and personal items. Next, the offender turned his attention to the other male employee, ordering him to open the store’s cash register. After the victim complied, Kellum grabbed an undetermined amount of currency and fled the store. The victims called the police.
    Austin District officers responded to the scene and spied Kellum walking on the street. The offender matched the description provided by the store employees and so the officers conducted a street stop. After further investigation, Kellum was positively identified by the two victims. Kellum was placed into custody, a gun was seized, and the stolen proceeds were recovered.

Thanksgiving at United Liberty M.B. Church

Cooks in the Kitchen. Members of the congregation of United Liberty M.B. Church, 2108 S. Pulaski Rd., leave their own kitchens to cook Thanksgiving feasts for less fortunate members of their church’s community. (Photo by Brad)                

 Isaac Hester keeps the children occupied and out of the way while the adults prepare Thanksgiving dinners for community residents at United Liberty M.B. Church. (Photo by Brad)
 Rev. Floyd Banks, Jr., Pastor of United Liberty M.B. Church, 2108 S. Pulaski Rd., with his congregation serving Thanksgiving Dinners to neighbors in need. Kenneth Clair was Chairman of the Community Feeding. (Photo by Brad)