Monday, December 13, 2010


William Dougherty & Greg Bella of the Fraternal Order of Police present Distinguished Service Awards to Officers Francisco Iza, Mark DeBose & Jason Bala for apprehending a dangerous armed robber in East Garfield Park.
Chicago Police Officers Francisco Iza, Mark DeBose, and Jason Bala observed a vehicle run a red light at Washington & Kedzie during routine patrol and gave chase east on Warren Boulevard, south on Albany Avenue, and through an alley at 3018 West Madison Street. The car stopped suddenly and two subjects fled southbound on foot. Officers Iza and DeBose pursued the offenders, at which time Officer Bala alerted them that one man had a gun. Officer Iza focused on the offender, who was grabbing at his waistband. Running into a vacant lot, the offender turned toward Officers Iza and DeBose with a handgun and fired in their direction. Officer Iza returned fire, striking the offender, who fell to the ground and dropped the weapon. He was taken into custody and the gun was recovered. Further investigation revealed the offender had just robbed two individuals at gunpoint at 3200 West Maypole.
    The Fraternal Order of Police presented Distinguished Service Awards to the officers in recognition of their bravery and dedication to the citizens of Chicago in taking a dangerous offender and his weapon off the streets.

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  1. How strange it is that these same officers who are being honored for their good work in the field are also the officers who were sued a year prior to this for pistol whipping and brutally beating a man they had arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance. This same guy who they beat so brutally that he has permanent damage to his eardrum was ultimately found not guilty of his crimes. Something needs to be done about these cops who feel they have a free ticket to brutalize and terrorize innocent people because they "just know" or "have a feeling" that they are doing something illegal. Having a gun and a badge does not make you a god. Protect and serve has become such a joke in this country, particularly in Chicago.