Friday, April 22, 2011

Poetry Month

          (For Rosetta Scott)
Nat King Cole was a merry ole soul
As he sat perched up against
Mama's ole wooden phonograph next
To Billie Holiday and Roberta Flack,
Killing us Softly every Sunday,
And I knew that one day,
Things were going to be alright,
'Cause something in their voices
Helped Mama make it through the night,
Something in their voices got Mama through
The work week,
It was so powerful it didn't allow Mama to speak,
At night she sat in the living room and closed her eyes
and drifted and away went all the darkness and gloom...
Her thoughts transcended this earth and she forgot that
we were poor.
But she never forgot that we were hungry as a good parent never does
She stood up tall to show us what a good mother she was,
When I get in a rut and start feeling down and lost,
I rewind my thoughts back and peer into that 3 bedroom window
and look at the woman who paid the cost,
For me to continue to hear the music...
Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee

What is a woman?

A woman is unique, hard to beat and will not accept defeat. God gave a
woman a gift to uplift.

A woman is a part of history and a man think we can be a mystery.
A woman don’t mine following a man which is her husband who is God
fearing, respectful and kind and don’t mine if she shines.

A woman want a man that she can trust and will never have to lust. A
woman wants a lover not a player.
A woman wants a man that doesn’t mine serving her because she
deserves it with a great attitude and gratitude.

A woman wants a man that don’t disappear when problems arises because
they both know that god specializes.

A woman wants a man that will commit and not quit. A woman wants a
man that will listen and understand her feelings.

A woman wants a man that can resist temptation without hesitation.

By: Frances Loretta Freeman

Can you trust him?
By Ida Barnes

He who says that you
are a chosen generation, a
royal priesthood a peculiar
people, can you trust him?
He who says that the
cattle on a thousand hills are his.
Can you trust him?
He who says that I am the
dance today yesterday and
somehow not change,
Can you trust him?
He who says that I am
the only true and living God,
Can you trust him?
He who laid to Abraham
Is there anything too hard
for God Can you trust him?
He who could am alpha
and omega, the beginning and the end,
Can you trust him?
He who says in my father’s house
are many mansions, can you trust him?
He who says that will never leave
you now will never leave you now forsake you,
Can you trust him?
He who says the thief is come feet to steal, kill, and destroy,
but come that you might
have kill, can you trust him?
He who created the cleaned and the cattle.
Can you trust him?
He who went to hell
so that you would not
have to go, Can you trust him?

The Ballad of Hade’s Sorrow

In the Valley of the Dead
Past the River of Forgetfullness
Lies a beast so large and Tall
A serpent with dozens of heads waits for the call
Much like its bretheren Hades keeps it on guard
It sleeps in the dark just waiting for the prey
If only Hades would have known
Had known the price he would pay
The Queen of the Underworld bore two little girls
One by her husband, the other from her father
Hades gave both his love
Only to see them both fall
In Persephone’s Garden, Hades sat in peace
Only to see the girls running toward the beast
Hades knew it slept and rushed to catch up
He called across his land, in hopes for Cerberus
Hecate heard the God’s cries
She heard his distress
But averted her eyes
Not wanting to send her pet.
Cerberus whimpered as Hades began to beg
Hecate walked over and looked ahead.
She saw the young goddesses and dropped her head
Giving into Hades and pledged never again
Cerberus bound from its’ master’s house
Following the scent with ease
Hades turned with eyes filled
And just barely caught hold of the black furred beast
Sitting in between the shoulder blades
Hades held tight
Both God and Beast heard the Hydra and hoping they were not to late
He tried to get the girls in his sight
He heard them scream
He already knew they were too late
But he kept pushing
Just as Cerberus kept running
They were sitting right before the Hydra
One bleeding while the other trying to lift her
Cerberus’ growls echoed on the walls as Hades fell
And watched them being engulfed by flame
Six head flew out of the flame
A black paw slapped into only three
As the rest tasted blood
Hades had to get the girls free
He ran into the smoke
Hoping to Thanatos that he would not take them yet
But there they lay
Laying in their own blood on the battle field
With the help of Hecate
Cerberus was pulled out with only some damage
With the help of Hermes
The girls were pulled out as dead bodies
Hades sat in misery in Persephone’s Garden
His children buried before him
No longer does he hear them sing
No longer do they kiss his cheek
And so Hades blames himself
Blame for their deaths
And blame for Cerberus
And so he sits in silence for centuries in sorrow and guilt.

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