Friday, April 16, 2010

Poems 4/14/10


How many times have i experienced you?
On top of me at five,
In my ear gate through the years,
Faded whips on my skin,
A learned mentality.
On the television, the radio, in my own house.
But at all times dark and concealed,
Eventually fading to black.
For some,
we neva see the light.


Slow to move (a crawl).
Spontaneous actions on my part.
Picking up speed
When others assumed that I had reached my Mark.
I view the land (my surroundings).
I exhale the breath of doubt that has consumed me.
Relief visits.
I'm finally here (at this point, a point,
but not the end).
No worries about the next phase.
The excitement and joy of a child overwhelms me.
Intensity and optimism allowing me to a line
myself and take off.
A blind sight after the turn.
The turn of many lingering events.
Vision is restored to see a road of infinity.
I race along and i finally rise.
Oh My God, Oh My God, leaves my mouth forever!
O sh**!
I realize that i will continue to have some sort of fear in life.
Surprisingly there is beauty in what i fear.
Such beauty,
beauty in the experience,
beauty in the sight which becomes a blurred piece of artwork.
I must now search for beauty and peace elsewhere.
I search the clouds which are full and spacious,
I search the peoples surrounding me who are unknown and mysterious.
I search myself as I've been doing all along, and in this moment,
I am beauty in the form of a bird in flight,
soaring through my experiences such as this,
To reach my destiny.

- Lyrique

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