Monday, April 12, 2010

POEMS 4/07/10

My Special Valentine

He’s beautiful beyond comprehension.
He’s rich in mercy.
He’s the only true and loving God.
He’s my refuge and my fortress.
He loves me with an everlasting love.
The cattle on a thousand hills are his.
He’s kind, considerate and compassionate.
He allows his holy spirit to dwell in my heart.
He promised never to leave me no forsake me and I have found him to be a man of his word.
He brought me out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay and he has placed my feet upon a rock and established my going.
His name is Jesus.

-Ida Barnes

We strike poses in the bedroom
In the kitchen
In the church house
We are his bold enough to strut down
Life’s runway/staggering at times with
Uncertainty to our positions/striking smiles/
Hands posed in the air/lights flashing/cameras
Snapping/capturing a moment
of faked perfection.
Even when cast down
we manage to pivot point
Ourselves back to greatness
we are super models
Wearing the fashion of strength
the print of resilience
The fabric of survival
We are the ones courageous enough
to sport imperfections
Daring enough to strip fate named
whenever she needs a makeover
We are the ones denied the chance
to grace the covers of their Fine magazines
Yet we still rise
The divas we are
All made up/decked out in the glitter dust and stilettos/lathered down
In fragrance/emitting the sweet smell
of zero tolerance attitudes                  
-Cynthia Walker

Ricky had a spot in the alley
A place where the junkie inside
Could be free
There he could drag a joint
As slowly as he pleased or shoot
up until it made him weak in the knees
Ricky didn’t care how he got his dope
As long as he had hands to steal there
Was hope
His old lady’s purse was always stacked
With money
He didn’t care about their have nots
So long as he could get his honey
His mama prayed for him to get saved
She couldn’t understand it
The other kids were well behaved
His kids got tired of him shaming them
So altogether they stopped claiming him
Little did they know Ricky really tried
But he just couldn’t control the beast that
Raged inside
He messed around
and stole from the wrong person
Who ever it was decided to teach him a lesson
Ricky knew that his soul was precious and learned
As a child to always call on Jesus.
That’s exactly who he called when the pipe came
Smashing down into his head
His mother knew her prayers had been answered
When they told her he was dead.
-Cynthia Walker

Flashing Blue Lites

Flashing Blue Lites atop street poles
    Line the streets in our neighborhoods
There intended purpose is to deter crime
Yet bullets still shatter the stillness Of the nite
There’s no peace Even during the day lite
In our neighborhoods
Burglaries, robberies, assaults And murders
Are but a way of life In our neighborhoods
Supt. Jody Weiss Comes up with a solution to the crimes
That takes place in our neighborhoods
“The community has to hold those responsible for the crimes, accountable “
He be talking about dropping a dime
On the hoodlums responsible for the crime
Don’t he realize that would only cause an alarming Increase in crime?
Blue lites flashing atop street poles
Line the streets in our neighborhoods
Bullets shatter the stillness of the nite
Mothers mourn the lost of their children
Children are left orphaned
Fathers lay dying in the streets
People are blinded by The crimes that takes place in our neighborhoods
And the world watches and yawns
And flips the channel from CNN to channel 9
Cause after all  ain’t none of that Happening in Their neighborhoods
Blue lites flashing atop street poles Line the streets in our …..Neighborhoods

Patrice Morrison   04/06/09

Where It All Started
The north branch is where it al started.
It was so good until I didn’t want to depart it.

I was inspired from hearing from the young
and the old who were not cold but bold.

Poetry is a gift and lifts spirits high all the way up
like the sky and can causes others to fly.

Poetry here at North Austin needs to expand
because of the demand to share and compare.

Poetry is a light that is bright and cause others to do right
 and that is awesome in God’s sight.

We yearn to learn and to help our community
all to bring unity!

Given by God to:
Frances Loretta Freeman #14
on August 26, 2009

By David Hundley

What is a memory?

A faded thought or a picture of the past
That our mind just sought.

Do you remember back when you were five years old and used to play?
This is a  memory, from yesterday.

Memories remind us about how life was.
Whether good or bad, just because.

In the deepest part of our mind,
There is something that we usually find.
This is called our memories.

Memories, some are good and some bad,
Some make you happy, while others sad,
And then there are some that
just make us plain mad.

Do You See It?
OMG this is a chance of lifetime
It’s just waiting for me
Hoping I have the guts to pursue
Everyone is walking right by it
I don’t believe it... It’s just sitting there
I’m coming, don’t move!
This is too good to be true
Who would’ve knew
Opportunity is all around
Waiting to be found
Some people seem to see
All that they can be
Some people don’t have a clue
But if they only knew that the sky is the limit
And all you to do is go get it
So stop waiting for a knock at the door
And dream a little more
Stop making excuses and procrastinating
And prepare for a fascinating…opportunity

By Renetta Gunn-Stevens

Just the Way You Are

Mama, can I wear make up?

Why baby , you're beautiful already.

All my friends wear it and it looks pretty to.

You’re only thirteen and that won’t do.
Look in the mirror tell me what do you see.
You got to see beauty because you look like me.
I see beauty and I see me, but I want color and vibrancy.
Your skin is brown and your hair is black.
Your teeth are white and your clothes are bright.
You sing like an angel and tell jokes like a pro.
If that’s not color, then I don’t know.
Smile a little bit and stand up straight
Believe me sweetie your pretty and make up can wait.
Give it some time and keep reaching for the stars.
No matter what anyone say, you’re perfect
            just the way you are.

By Renetta Gunn-Stevens

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