Friday, April 16, 2010

This Week's Poems

They Wear The Crown
Doreen Ambrose

They wear Obama regalia
on their chests, necks, backs and crowns
Young men with hues ranging frombright golden
to mahogany brown
Some that weren't even able to vote in the '08 election
Due to prior commitments
But they show their support and echo the World's sentiments
As they hang in doorways
Of neighborhood businesses
Thinking of more ways to earn a saw buck
Because they've run afoul of the law
And haven't had any luck
Selling CD's, DVD's and well you know--
I'm not here to judge or expose
This is just a poem, you know, it's only prose...
Anyway, they sit on stoops in the summer's sun
Talking 'bout swagger
And conquests with pants saggin'
Passing time and braggin'
At times oblivious to the world going on around them
Unable to grasp for grants
for higher education or training
Because of the stipulations on the books pertaining
to people who spend time far far away from home
Okay, again, I digress, like I said this is only  a poem...
But if they only took the time to find out about
Offender reentry programs
Maybe, they wouldn't contribute
to the recidivism rate
Because they'd have options as to their fate
And soon they'd become model citizen's and emulate
Our intelligent, courageous and outspoken head of state
But until then they hang in doorways and sit on stoops
Wearing Obama regalia
On their chests, necks, backs, and crowns

Black History Month Rap

In winter, it's my favorite event.
Black history month is a good time to be spent.
With your family and all of your friends.
The discussion you have will never end.
Black History month is in February.
It's for blacks who struggled in the early centuries.
Yes our ancestors truly did strive.
They were strong and had pride that's why they survived.
It goes from Malcolm X, Martin Luther King.
I truly am happy "The King" had a dream.
Don't forget Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou.
Who's powerful poems filled us with hope
that one day we would all be free.
Instead of blistering our hands picking cotton seeds.
They never listened, to them, we were as quiet as a mouse.
Now we have a black president in the White House.
Well, now, we all know that the freedom bells ring.
Finally we can rejoice and sing.
This is a miracle; yes it is true.
And aren't you happy it wasn't you?
Who got whipped thoroughly day and night.
You couldn't talk back, you could not fight.
All they could do was what the master said.
They didn't care if you cried, they didn't care if you bled.
I really think we should all pray my friend
that all of this slavery won't happen again.

-Nia Pearl Minor

What Legacy
        are you Leaving?

What will they say when you are gone away?
Will they have to make up a lie?
Will they pretend to cry?
Will they really feel the lost
and want to bring you back at any cost?
How many people have you blessed?
How many compliments and praises given out,
or were they degrading shouts?
Did you enjoy life and experience the ride,
or did you just exist and hide?
Hide from love, hide from
happiness, or hide from growth.
Did you contribute to a better environment?
Did you participate in government?
Did you help a friend?
If you had extra, did you lend?
Fathers did you teach your son’s how to catch a ball,
or were you too busy flirting at the mall?
Did you buy your lady flowers,
or come in late and run to the showers?
Women did you make nutritional dinners,
or go to bingo every night hoping to be a winner?
Did you raise your own child,
or dropped them off at grandma’s and go be wild?
Did you put on nice lingerie and sweet perfume,
or flannel pajamas and just assumed (that he will still be attracted)?
Do you even care?  Are you aware,
that every day you leave an impression-
making someone feel an expression!

Renetta Gunn
    Your Yes I Can Representative

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