Friday, June 1, 2012

Report From The Alderman!

Celebrating the Artistic Talents of a Local 37th Ward HOWE School Student – Javonte Guyton

    Each and every single day in Chicago, we hear negative news stories about young people and students of the Chicago Public Schools. Well this is not one of those days. Today we are celebrating the artistic talents of one of the 37th Ward’s very own 7th grade students - - Mr. Javonte Guyton.
Why are we highlighting this young man today? Because through the strategic use of his love of drawing and art-related pursuits, he is being honored by the HOWE SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE, located at 720 North Lorel, at a special award ceremony on Friday, May 18, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. in the school auditorium. Through the encouragement of his art teacher, who recognized the depth of his artistic ability – he won the first place prize in an art contest sponsored by United Stationers and the Boise Paper Company. He has won a $5,000 donation to his school, HOWE elementary, from the sponsors and equally important - - his winning designs will appear on the packaging of their paper products in Chicago, the Midwest and across the United States!!!
Pretty impressive for a local 7th grader, isn’t it? He deserves the highest accolades and best wishes for even greater future success! Well done Javonte! He has two siblings who also attend HOWE, a twin brother and a sister, an 8th grader who will be graduating this June. His parents should be justifiably very, very proud. I will be there to cheer this young man and to emphasize to ALL the HOWE students and students throughout the 37th Ward of one simple fact - - it is Cool to Perform Well in School!!
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