Friday, June 1, 2012

Gearing Up For Graduation!

By Executive Director Bonnie Johnson
    If there is one universal truth in the recovery community it is that no one ever really graduates from recovery.  They might complete treatment, training programs, or schooling, but the path of substance abuse recovery is a lifetime journey that requires constant diligence.  That being said, the arduous and structured program that SisterHouse residents complete is one that deserves recognition and accolades.  The three phase “Recovery is Possible” program that we offer here is part of the educational ministry of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  Any educational accomplishment is appropriately celebrated with a graduation ceremony.  Similar to more traditional educational models, what is learned at SisterHouse is best when implemented into the practical experience of life. 

Thinking back to those math classes I resented back in school and the resounding “when are we ever going to use this?!” question that I kept arguing, only today with Quickbooks profit and loss reports I must admit all those lessons have been crucial.  Even more so are the lessons learned at SisterHouse.  I dare anyone to share a home with 20 women and not learn about conflict resolution, compromise, compassion, and community.  Upon completing our program, residents have acquired at least one year of sobriety, which means they have learned to deal with life on life’s terms, to suit up and show up even on the days they didn’t want to, and to take actions contrary to the way they feel.  So we congratulate the next group of SisterHouse alumnae who shall emerge as leaders in their families and communities and come back to remind the next group of residents that hope remains through all the challenges and strife.

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