Friday, June 1, 2012


Our Heavenly Father expects us to be honest and have integrity in all we do - at all time.  The enemy wants us to lie, cheat, steal, etc.  Father God nor the accuser of our brethren (Satan) does not miss anything. God watches over us and how we handle situations, so he can bless us more.  The enemy (Satan) on the other hands watches us so he can steal from us (steal our blessings).  An example of dishonesty - has a cashier accidentally ever given us back more money than we were due? Did we inform them of the mistake?  If we did not, that is being dishonest.  Another example - have we ever found a purse or wallet with money in it and not returned everything (especially the money) to its rightful owner?  If we did not return it - this is also being dishonest, just to mention a few.  Did we somehow think in these situations that God was somehow blessing us when we got more money back than was due us?  If this is what we thought, we are indeed mistaken.  This was not a blessing, but a test.  Sometimes things are put in our path to see if we will remain honest and full of integrity. (Reference Proverb 20:7).
     We have to be honest at all time.  Our heavenly Father expects no less from us.  There are many other ways that we could be dishonest.  For example, do we purposefully tell someone we are going to do something – knowing quite well we have no intentions of keeping that promise.  For instance, saying we would stop bye and visit when we know that we would not or that we would give them some money – knowing that we could not.  These are indeed lies and not white lies.  There are no white lies in God’s book.  Lying is lying per God’s Holy book (the Bible).
     We expect God to be true to His word and He expects no less from us.  We have to say what we mean and mean what we say.  It does not have to be said in a bad  way.  For example, if we cannot make an appointment – just apologize and say, I would love to but sorry I can not attend.  Rather than saying, of course I will be there – knowing that you have no intentions of being there.  Other areas of dishonesty are when someone tells you a secret and you promise not to tell anyone.  And then before that person gets around the corner – you are telling someone what they just told you.  This is very wrong.  If someone tells you something and tells you not to tell anyone, please don’t tell anyone.  To tell someone will lack integrity and God expects His children to be full of integrity.
     Also, other examples of dishonesty are being unfaithful to a spouse.  God expects us to honor our marriage vows completely at all times – no cheating at all (no excuses).  The enemy sets us up for failure – putting temptations in our path.  But God expects us to resist temptations and stay true to Him and our spouse.  He is always true to us. All sins that we commit are against God. When we treat our brethren ungodly – we are also sinning against Almighty God. 
     We can lose or compromise our blessings when we are unloyal and dishonest. And these blessings that we can lose come in so many ways - for example good health, long life, financial blessings, good jobs, promotions, etc.  Please don’t compromise what God is trying to give us - by being dishonest.  Sometimes, people wonder why they have been praying for something for some long, but have not received it.  Ask God in prayer is there something that you could be doing or not doing that is blocking or prolonging your blessings?   Be true to Him and ourselves – always walk a life of integrity and honesty and good things will follow us.  God blesses those that honor His word and refuse to compromise the truth.  Be Honest and full of integrity at all time. 
Thanks and God bless. 

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  1. This was right on time and such an awesome reminder of being honest and obedient to GOD.

    Tyiesha White