Friday, June 1, 2012


ChildServ is offering a Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) to parents of children aged 0-2 in the Austin, Lawndale, Humboldt Park, Englewood, and Washington Park communities. A home-based early intervention and prevention service, PEP helps children become better prepared for preschool and teaches parents how to be better advocates for their children in the areas of education, health, and social services.
    Through individual home visits and group activities, educators teach families how to develop their children’s physical, mental, social, emotional, language development and problem solving skills.
    According to the U.S. Census Bureau, children living in major urban areas like Chicago face dramatically higher risk factors than other children and require more attention and support from their parents in order to succeed. The PEP program connects parents and children to community resources and helps create a support system through monthly events, group meetings, and field trips.
    To learn more about the HIPPY program or additional program offerings, call ChildServ at 773/693-0300.
Preschool Readiness Program for At-Risk Chicago Families
    ChildServ is pleased to offer Chicagoland parents of at-risk children an early school readiness program geared to help children succeed in school. Serving children ages 3-5, Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youth (HIPPY) provides parents with the tools, skills, and confidence needed to serve as their child’s primary educator. Assisting the families of Austin, Humboldt Park, and Englewood, HIPPY provides families with the in-home services of professional educators trained in teaching parents how to help their children succeed in school and beyond.
    With 90% of parents enrolled in last year’s program reporting they learned new ways to become a better parent, the HIPPY program is looking to assist more families in at-risk Chicago communities for the 2012 year. Parents will receive free books and educational materials to complete lessons. To learn more about the HIPPY program or additional program offerings, call ChildServ at 773/867-7305.

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