Friday, April 30, 2010

Poems 4/28/10 Part 2

I Plead Guilty

I plead guilty Your Honor
Guilty of being a victim
of racial profiling
When I drive through certain neighborhoods,
I know I’ll be pulled over
The crime: Driving While Black
I plead guilty Your Honor       
For falling prey to the stereotypical profile
of a young black male:
Gang affiliated –
My gang is my family.
They my ride or die homies

Patrice Morrison

The Beat

Walking up the street
You hear a beat,
a beat no one can stop
cause the spot is hot
not as the sun
but as the gun
there's nowhere to run
feels as if you were on a hit list,
one thing you can be
innocent or not
doesn't matter
you just got shot!

-Melvinna Dotson

Let Me Be Me

God has made each one of us
unique in our own way.
So, if I don't look like you,
live in a certain neighborhood,
Or dress in a glamorous way.
Let me be me.

Who gives you the right to dictate?
Whats the norm or standard
for an individual?
Sometimes we judge others
when the bible clearly states,
"Judge not and you won't be judged."
We try to put people in our "box" of
what we expect and how they should be.
Oh what a pressure it is to expect
others to live up to our expectations.
What a waste!

Because every individual
in their differences has something
to offer or contribute.
So, don't put me in a box or prejudge me.
I'm allowed to be my own individual
Let me be me.

-Miranda Stidhum
A.K.A. Anointed Queen

I got woke up late,
to a man in my room.
Only six years old,
so I never assumed.
I cried out for help but no one came.
I screamed and hollered my mother's name.
I couldn't imagine what he would do.
He took my innocence and then he was through.
My mothers boyfriend,
and she acted like she never knew!
She even kept him there knowing I was afraid.
I never wanted to speak his name.
Often wished I didn't have to see his face,.
Just prayed for God to take me away from this place.
Knowing one day I would fight back,
But how could I be strong when no one has my back?
How could I stand up when all I wanna do is cry?
How could my momma live this lie?
Now I'm grown and all alone,
I never want a man in my home.
One thing though, I'll never forget his face,
But I won't be scared again because God knows his faith.

Carla Allen

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