Friday, March 19, 2010


SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 3:00 PM: Bertha Paul Buchanan
TOPIC: Holistic Health Care for Youth
Ms Buchanan will detail the benefits of holistic health practices, including yoga & meditation, for youth and adults, plus how to involve it in everyday life.
SATURDAY, APRIL 10, 3:00 PM: Dr. Leonard Ingram
TOPIC: Managing Anger
Dr. Ingram will share best practices for managing anger in constructive and psychologically healthy ways.
SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 3:00 PM: Hunter H. Adams
TOPIC: Ma’at, The Science of Happiness Dating back thousands of years, the philosophy of Ma’at was the rule of order in ancient Africa. It was known as the prototype of natural law. Mr. Adams’ lecture and workshop is designed to teach how to control one’s consciousness for the purposes of character education, positive ethics, and enhancing potential.

All Karnak lectures are free of charge and presented in the Malcolm X College Cultural Center, 1900 West Van Buren Street. Free parking is available. The public is urged to attend the presentations in this series.

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