Friday, December 28, 2012

We say good bye this week to our Intern, KaSondra Edwards


My name is KaSondra Edwards. I am 23 years old and originally from Colorado, but I came to Chicago from Topeka, Kansas, to attend the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center. I was looking for work when I was asked about my interests in careers by a gentleman who often talked to me about my future. He was a little worried when I told him that I was interested in Graphic Design and told me he didn’t think being an artist was a good idea, career-wise. I told him there were plenty of businesses needing Graphic Designers. I had used Photoshop CS2, but I felt that I could get better with the software involved. I like to draw manga style, a Japanese animation and comic style. I post my work on and experiment with tools and formats. I would spend many nights in front of my computer screen, sleepless and running on Pepsi, lining different characters I created. I loved working on it and finding effects and filters, the pen tool, different brush styles and layers.

I am assigned to THE VOICE Newspapers, where I have the opportunity to apply what I am learning in the classroom at the Paul Simon Job Corps Center and put it to use in real-life business situations. Plus, I am learning additional skills, making me even more proficient in my trade. I like working for THE VOICE and I especially like my mentor there, Jeff Potter, who is very understanding and points out useful shortcuts. 
Chicago is vast and the culture here is varied. It is a great experience. I may not know about everything going on it this city – part of me thinks that is impossible – but, I find it all exciting. Joining the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center to study Graphic Design was one of the most practical decisions of my life. It was all worth it!

The Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center is one of 125 vocational career training campuses nationwide operated by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is located at 3348 South Kedzie Avenue. The Chicago Job Corps Center offers nine career training courses, including: Carpentry, Painting, Bricklaying, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Materials Handling, Computer Service Technician, Office Practice, and Graphic Design. Training is offered without cost and job placement services are provided. The Job Corps is open to men and women ages 16-24. Dormitory housing is available free to students wishing to live on campus. Meals are provided free, also. Students without high school diplomas are required to take courses leading to graduation or GEDs. These, too, are offered free on center. Free childcare services are also available on center and program graduates can attend Chicago City Colleges tuition-free. For information on applying for admission to the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center, call Beth Allen at 773/890-3131. New students are admitted weekly as space permits and free tours are conducted every Friday. No reservations are required.

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