Friday, April 20, 2012

    Chicago Police Gang Investigations and Narcotics officers, in partnership with agents of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, identified 35 of the most violent members of the 4 Corner Hustlers street gang for arrest and prosecution. The gang hierarchy controls open air drug markets on Harding Avenue from Iowa to Thomas Streets in the West Humboldt Park neighborhood. The joint efforts led to additional intelligence revealing of an international drug cartel as the narcotics supply source.
    The mission culminated in the recovery of more than $1.6 million in narcotics, eight firearms, and nearly $1 million in cash. At a press conference following the arrests, Superintendent Garry McCarthy explained the connection between narcotics sales fueling illegal gun purchases and the urban violence plaguing Chicago’s African American neighborhoods.
    Team members conducted 39 controlled narcotics buys from numerous 4 Corner Hustlers gang members throughout the course of the investigation. Covert purchases and enforcement stops resulted in recovery of eight weapons, including an assault rifle, from targeted offenders. Additionally, undercover buys and seizures yielded a substantial recovery of cannabis, heroin, cocaine, and crack cocaine. Five narcotics money seizures recovered nearly $955,000 in U.S. currency.
    OPERATION TRIPLE THREAT focused on violent gang-related activity in the Harrison (11th) District, where the Chicago Police Violence Reduction Initiative announced by Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy last month has been underway to drive down crime in the area. The drug markets dismantled by OPERATION TRIPLE THREAT are directly associated with the street violence occurring in the 11th District.
Chicago Police & Federal Agents arrested 35 gang members, seized 8 guns, nearly $1 million in cash, and large amounts of narcotics in OPERATION TRIPLE THREAT on Harding Ave.

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