Friday, April 20, 2012

National Poetry Month

I want to talk to my grandmother
“By and by…”
The church folks sing
I miss the love, joy
and comfort she’d bring
She left me some money
But it couldn’t take her place
If I ever win a million
You can have it!
If I could see her face
“By and by
By and by…”
I want to cry
I want to cry
Sunday mornings
Early spring
Chicken dressing
Collard greens
Homemade ice cream
Happy dreams
I want my grandmother
more than anything
“By and by…”
The church folks sing

By Sharon Cartledge

Black, Beautiful and Proud!
I am black, beautiful and proud of my heritage.        
Some people don’t think my dark skin and kinky hair is attractive.                       
But guess what I know so!  
I am confident when I look in the mirror.                      
I know I am black and beautiful. I love who I am!     
I love the way I look!          
This is why I walk with dignity.                             
This is why I walk with the daring.                             
I dare you to do the same! 
Choose to do what’s right instead of what’s wrong.    
I dare you to stop feeling sad! I dare you to sing a joyous song!                     
Just remember everything God made,
he admitted it was good and beautiful.      
I admit you are! I admit I am a beautiful creation!          
So lift up your heads that are bowed down low!           
Pull up your saggy pants and show, that you know!
That you are black, beautiful and proud of your heritage-

By Shontavia Armstrong

 It’s all becoming perfectly clear
that reason why we’re still here.
It seems we’ve all got a chore to do
and to each other. we must be true!
Now we’re bearing witness to a universal change
and to some of us it all sounds a little strange
but to all of us, we know that it’s true;
just look at the changes that we’re going through!!
Now things are changing most everywhere
and some of us might say that ‘we don’t care!!’
but we do! matter what we might say
cause it’s just an expression of this present day.
For those who know---it’s truly a blessing.
but for those who don’t- it all seems like guessing
But for ALL, it’s only a matter of time
before the truth forces them to draw a line
And the line must be walked
instead of used as a border
that is...if you’re truly aiming for order
you mustn’t get hung up on choosing a side
‘cause it’s like feeding your ego foolish pride!
Now it’s all becoming clear
and the simple fact that you’re still here
should let you know that there’s still time take heed to this poem of mine!!!

  Leroy Porche’ Jr.

Prepared Man
He walks with a pace of confidence
a strong quiet restraint
Lazy, trifling, irresponsible
those words oh no he ain’t
He’s raised that good old fashioned way buttermilk and cornbread fed. Head of his house he ain’t no mouse enemies him they dread.

God fearing man does what he speaks
His promises he always keeps
No bastard child attached to him
No average chick will do for him.
His standards high his bills are paid
A steady foundation he has laid

Hardworking guy sought after much
Rough exterior soft soul to touch
Who is this man I describe you say?
He’s a prepared man they’re bred that way.
Like a cake ingredients added then stirred in
He’s down for you to the bitter end.

Will walk with you when times get hard.
Your feelings will always regard.
Will give his last so you can eat
When you’re down and out the path he’ll beat
To pull you up and lift you high
His aspirations big high as the sky
He’ll help you cook clean and errands run
He works with his fist he don’t need a gun
Upstanding man a friend to many
His shortcomings few if any
Doesn’t waste his time with games boys play
He’s a prepared man, they’re bred that way.

By: Antwan McHenry

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