Friday, January 20, 2012

Show Down On Waller

Douglass And Power House Face Off
Douglass started off struggling to score with Power House going on a 6 to 1 run with 2 min. left in the 2nd quarter.  With a Spark from Power House Cornelius and McCoy the Panthers ended the half with a 34 to 16 lead.  Douglass seemed confident coming in to the game but in 2nd quarter slowly started to self destruct.  The scoring stopped and the defense began to lack.  In the second half Douglass started off like a new team going on a 3-0 run against Power house.  With a spark from William Heard(34 points), and Robert Guthrie(10 points) combining to hit 3 ,3 pointers in a row. With 3 min. left in the 3rd quarter the Tigers pull to with in 4.  A huge Defensive spark from David Hill keeps the Tigers in the game.  Power House stayed in the game with the help of free throws scoring 10 of there 14 points in the 3rd quarter from the charity line.  At the start of the 4th quarter Douglass comes out scoring with the same intensity.  2 early free throws to start the 4th quarter gives the Tigers the lead. But not for long as Cornelius of Power House returns with a quick lay up changing the lead once again.  JoJo Fuquay (14 points) returns the favor hitting a 3 point and a two point shot back to back, putting the Tigers up by 4.  There were 5 lead changes in the 4th quarter.  With a 3 point shot from David Hill of Douglass and tough defense he put a spark to his team mates keep the Tigers fighting. But Power House keeps fighting hitting free throws to stay in game.  But with 45 seconds left Power House starts to self destruct and puts Douglass on line numerous times.  Douglass takes advantage and ends the game 80-76.  Coach Ely says the key to there success was never giving up.  He stated at half time he had to put a fire under his boys telling them the history of Douglass and at that point to change it.  

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