Friday, January 20, 2012


 Members & volunteer staff of the Israylite Heritage Research & Fellowship Center, 5422 W. North Ave., serve free breakfasts to community residents every Wednesday. They are: Yohoyah, Vickiyah, Karl, Wanda, Shem, Sariyah, Zuri, Amaziyah, Rezillanceyah, Carol, Enduriyah, Obadiyah, Ben Yahuda & Floyd. (Photo by Marilyn Hampton)

The Israylite Heritage and Fellowship Center is a not-for-profit organization providing a place for enriching the mind and spirit while feeding the body. Located at 5422 West North Avenue, the Center serves free breakfasts of eggs, turkey ham, grits, potatoes, coffee, and orange juice every Wednesday from 10:30 AM until the food is gone.
The mission of the Israylite Heritage Research and Fellowship Center is to increase the knowledge of the African American historical Biblical heritage by educating and assisting those in the community affected by barriers such as unemployment, prison records, emotional distress, and homelessness.
The Center has been operating since June 4, led by founder and President Obadiyah Ysrayl. For information on the Center and its programs, stop in or call 773/466-8213.

 Founder & President of the Israylite Heritage Center Obadiyah Ysrayl greets guests and helps serve breakfast each Wednesday morning. (Photo by Marilyn Hampton)
 The Israylite Heritage Center is attracting capacity crowds of diners for free breakfasts each Wednesday morning. (Photo by Marilyn Hampton)
 Amaziyah welcomes West Side residents to the Israylite Center, 5422 W. North Ave. 
(Photo by Marilyn Hampton)
 A happy young man enjoying breakfast at the Israylite Heritage Center. (Photo by Marilyn Hampton)

Members of the Israylite Heritage Research & Fellowship Center serve free breakfasts to West Siders every Wednesday at 5422 W. North Ave. (Photo by Marilyn Hampton)


  1. Shalom Shalom(Peace (Be Unto You)),

    I pray all who read this are well! This is Truly a YAH inspired & YAH filled work that is being performed by righteous servants of The Father YAH!

    And Todah(Thank You in Hebrew) to the Publication, Writer & Editor for printing & running the story because this is News Worthy & Needs to Be Talked about! HALLELUYAH(Praise You YAH)!

    TazaqYAHrah(Eloquent Fear of YAH)

  2. Shalom be upon you family, for the yah fearing job you all are doing in the ihrfc chicago feeding so much family in need yah bless you all great job.

  3. May Yah continue to bless I.H. and All praises be to Yah for the The Voice Newspaper in taking the time to cover such an inspiring, uplifting story. HalleluYah!