Monday, August 8, 2011


 Alderman Deborah Graham presents a Walmart 2011 Community-Builders Award to James Cole, Proprietor of The Shoe Shine King, 338 North Central Avenue, as Outstanding Corporate Citizen, on behalf of THE VOICE Newspapers. He started his shoe shine business while a student at Marshall High School, has provided jobs to numerous ex-offenders, and assisted teenagers escape gang involvement. Cole was Vice President of the Austin Business Council, helped organize the Austin Chamber of Commerce, and served on the board of the Austin YMCA. The Community-Builders Awards were presented at a June 28 Luncheon hosted by THE VOICE Newspapers. Cole was unable to attend. (Photo by Brad)
Andrew Griffin, Entertainment Editor of THE VOICE Newspapers, presents a Walmart 2011 Community-Builders Award to Linda McWright for Outstanding Youth Mentoring Services. She is responsible for launching the show business careers of many West Side performers as Activities Director at Clark Park and CEO of Umbrella Productions, Inc. McWright is well-known for staging popular talent shows and community festivals. She taught modeling classes for the Chicago Public Schools & Park District. Linda McWright has touched the lives of generations of West Side young people. (Photo by Brad)

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