Friday, August 19, 2011

Upscale Hair Salon with Austin Heritage

Upscale Hair Salon with Austin Heritage
Welcome to Sew What! Salon Centre.
“Although looking good is the ultimate destination, feeling good should be apart of the journey.” –William Black, Founder
Chicago, IL. Sew What! Salon Centre is a hip upscale hair-care concept conveniently-situated on the Westside of Chicago (829 North California Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60622).
Founded in 2009 by owner and Austin resident, William Black, Sew What! Salon Centre is one of the fastest growing urban hair salons in the city. “When I decided to get into the beautification business, my wish list was stacked,” explains Black. “I wanted to solve problems.”
“Shop conditions, noise levels, offensive language and situations, uninhibited personnel and foot traffic, amenities or lack thereof and overall safety concerns for both clients and stylists were noted problems that have perpetually afflicted urban hair-care service environments for years,” states Black.
In addition, the urban hair-care environment is continuously changing. Why should other nationalities have all the fun? There is no shortage of pricey upscale Caucasian and Latino hair salons. You can find them downtown and in trendy pockets across the city. But, what about the upscale African-American hair salon? And what about affordability?
Well, thanks to Black’s unconventional vision and subsequent entry into the industry, we now have an upscale salon to call our own!
“Though, we’re considered upscale,” continues Black, “Sew What! Salon is somewhat paradoxical. For example: Complimentary items are offered to every client, every time. Clients can even watch their very own flat-screen TV while being serviced. Yet, clients pay the same, if not less, for services with us. And on the other side of the spectrum, we offer stylists more (including: free business cards, promotional apparel, towel care and so on), yet our booth rate is considerably less than over 95% of the beauty shops across the city.”
“And, this is what makes Sew What! Salon such an amazing concept,” Black affirms. “Sew What! Salon merges posh with possible. Sew What! Salon Centre is where exclusivity meets affordability.”
“And, we’re very proud of that achievement,” Black concludes.
So, now you’re probably wondering: all that’s cool but what about the stylists themselves – can they actually do hair?
In a word: Yes!
Sew What! Salon’s established stylists: Erica Satisfield, Kristan Johnson and Laura Buck have over 20years of collective experience in hair design, perpetual health and management. Erica, Kristan and Laura are considered Sew-In Specialists, hence the name Sew What! Salon Centre, but they also offer a large array of other popular urban styles including: Natural Hair, African-Braiding, Interlocks, Short-Cuts, Weaves, Twists, Invisibles, Relaxers, Color, Dreads, Braids of all types, Crochets and much, much more. And, with cost-saving weekly specials (available for viewing on Sew What Salon’s website: www.SewWhatSalon.Com) and regular prices starting as low as: $25, they can surely accommodate virtually any budget.
Client appointments can be made online: SewWhatSalon.Com and over the phone: (773) 227-4337. To learn more about Sew What! Salon Centre and to view Stylists’ profiles, service types and portfolios, please visit: SewWhatSalon.Com.
Sew What! are you waiting for?
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Note: In celebration of Sew What! Salon Centre’s 2nd year anniversary, Sew What! Salon will be donating FREE hair services to over 25 young ladies going back to grammar school this fall. Appointments must be made online by the Parent(s) or Legal Guardian(s) of each client. Please visit: SewWhatSalon.Com or SWSCCaresAbout.Me for the event date, appointment times and additional terms and conditions.


  1. This is an understatement as regards upscale. I was impressed by the ambience even before I got my hair done. After having my sew in done by Erica, I can honestly say I have found my hair home. Operators are professional, cleanliness of shop superb. Costs of styles affordable and location free of loiters. Oh Yeah, do I like my sew in? Love it. I recommend this salon with out any reservations.