Friday, April 1, 2011


Jessica Klasek applies delicate chocolate designs to strawberries in Prosser’s commercial kitchen. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

They are preparing for an extremely difficult cooking competition with the prize being possible admission to the CIA. No, these aren’t junior spies. They are aspiring chefs who want to learn their art at the Culinary Institute of America, the most prestigious cooking school in America. Five Prosser seniors are competing at Washburne Culinary Institute in Kennedy-King College on April 2. The goal is grabbing valuable scholarships.

Each student chef is required to prepare the same recipes: a soup and Chicken Chasseur – pan seared chicken finished in the oven and folded in a crepe, with a sauce of tomatoes, mushrooms, shallots, garlic as a glaze, presented with a garnish. Students are making this dish over and over to guarantee they perfectly master the exact blend of ingredients, achieve the right consistency of the crepe and glaze, and control every nuance of the recipe.
The five student chefs representing Prosser are: David Orochena, who wants to attend CIA and eventually own his own restaurant; James Molter; Zarai Orroyo; Alice Hixson; and Veronica Chavez. They are preparing under the direction of Prosser Culinary Arts Instructor, Master Chef David Kulasik.

James Molter makes Ruben sandwiches for a student catering assignment. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

David Orochena keeps his eye on other ingredients he is cooking as he folds his chicken crepe. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

Voila! The finished crepe presented by David Orochena, Zarai Orroyo, and Alice Hixson. Veronica Chavez is also competing at Washburne April 2, but was not present for this photo. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

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