Friday, April 1, 2011


Jeff Potter, Chief Graphic Designer for THE VOICE, shows Job Corps intern Amber Scott newspaper layout techniques. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

Amber Scott came from Kokomo, Indiana to attend the Paul Simon Job Corps Center in Chicago on October 12, 2010. “I am a Certified Graphic Designer thanks to it,” Amber proclaims. She is serving her required Work-Based Learning Internship at THE VOICE Newspapers to gain practical experience in a business setting.
Amber is interested in pursuing a career in animation. When her uncle urged her to call the Job Corps, she was told the closest thing to animation that the Job Corps offers is Graphic Design training and the Paul Simon Center in Chicago is the only site in the country offering the course. Amber says, “The Job Corps has given me the chance to move closer to my goals. It is a very helpful program that gives young adults a way to move ahead toward achieving their goals. People can earn their high school diploma or GED while learning one of nine trades taught at the Paul Simon Center.”
The Paul Simon Center, located at 3348 South Kedzie Avenue, provides training in Carpentry, Painting, Certified Nursing Assistant, Office Practice, Pharmacy Technician, Bricklaying, Manufacturing, Computer Repair, and Graphic Design. There are 125 Job Corps centers across the country, with many vocational courses. Job Corps applicants can apply to any center and will be admitted to the location offering the course he or she is interested in pursuing. Job Corps students must be ages 17-24. For information on courses and admission, call 773/890-3131.
Amber has received her html and Xhtml web design certifications and also passed the certifying exam for ACA Photoshop utilizing the skills she learned in her Graphic Design course.
Amber is participating in the Job Corps college program and is looking forward to attending Harold Washington College studying animation. Graduates of the Paul Simon Job Corps are entitled to attend the Chicago City Colleges tuition free. 
She is also an artist and fiction writer who looks forward to having her fiction works published. Amber says she enjoys life at the Job Corps. The Rec Center offers movies, pool games, and trips to theatres, sporting events, and cultural attractions.
“I am enjoying my internship at THE VOICE, learning how a newspaper operates. It is also teaching me what it is like to have a real job,” Amber concludes.

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