Friday, November 12, 2010


    Thomas Simmons, West Side community activist, political strategist, and career service employee for the City of Chicago, has joined a large and growing field of candidates running for alderman of the 29th ward. Simmons is a native Chicagoan, raised on the West Side, the fourth of six children.
    He began work with the city as a Case Manager/Family Service Specialist, providing emergency aid to the elderly and homeless. He rose to the level of Deputy Commissioner of General Services before retiring after a 33-year career.
    Simmons is a product of the Chicago Public Schools, having graduated from John Marshall High School. He earned an Associate Degree from Robert Morris College and received a B.A. Degree from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.
    Simmons founded Citizens For A Better Westside and serves as its Chairman. He is Vice President of Concern Organization Who Cares, is a member of the Amundsen Park Advisory Council, and participates in CAPS Beat 2513.
    According to Simmons, the paramount issues in the 29th ward are reducing the incidences of crime, improving the quality of schools, and positioning the ward for economic development and positive growth.
    Simmons and his organizations host a popular Back-To-School Gospel Fest each year providing over 700 local students with school supplies. He presents an annual Thanksgiving Harvest Feast for more than 400 neighborhood residents. Thomas also holds an annual Expungement Information Summit, Mortgage Information Fairs, and other community service events.
    Thomas Simmons declares that his philosophy is “Hands Up, Hands Under, and Hands On.” Hands Up – Uplifting all citizens; Hands Under – Supporting all citizens; and Hands On – Working to make a difference for all citizens.
    Thomas Simmons is seeking volunteers for his campaign. Persons may visit his headquarters at 5900 West North Avenue, call 773/745-8380, or e-mail him at His website is

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