Friday, November 12, 2010

Building Organizations That Work:

Ten Basic Steps to Creating A Nonprofit Organization
by Valerie F. Leonard
Community Development Consultant

1.    Recruit Board of Directors
2.    Develop By-Laws
3.    Prepare Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation
4.    Secure Tax Identification Number
5.    File With IDES (If you plan to hire employees)
6.    File Articles of Incorporation with Secretary of State's Office
7.    File Articles with Recorder of Deeds
8.    File Application for Federal Income Tax Exemption
9.    File With Attorney General's Office
10.    File for State Sales Tax Exemption

Valerie F. Leonard is a Chicago-based community development consultant, with a mission to strengthen the capacity of organizations to make a positive impact on the communities they serve through technical assistance, specialized workshops, resource and organizational development and project management. For further information, you may call Ms. Leonard at 773-521-3137, visit or e-mail her at

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