Friday, April 2, 2010


Rev. Jesse Jackson praises Loretto Hospital for providing quality medical care to everyone requiring it, regardless of ability to pay. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
Reverend Jesse Jackson, Chairman of Rainbow/PUSH praised Loretto Hospital for persevering through hard economic times and providing high quality medical care to everyone coming to them, regardless of ability to pay. He visited the independent community hospital at 645 South Central Avenue in Austin to tour the facility, talk to patients, and hold a press conference to discuss the impact of President Obama’s recently signed health care reform legislation.
    Asked if he is surprised at the intensity of the opposition to the health care reform bill, including threats against Congressmen and Senators, and whether he fears the Supreme Court will overturn the massive law, Rev. Jackson said he is astounded at the level of opposition, but declared his certainty that the Supreme Court will uphold the legislation as constitutional.
    Rev. Jackson observed that it is ironic that the people who opposed passage of Medicare are now covered by it and are currently opposing ensuring medical care for all Americans. But, he says this is in keeping with a long tradition in American politics: large numbers of people opposed outlawing slavery, opposed women’s right to vote, and opposed voting rights. “Now, all of these are accepted laws of the land,” he notes.
    Steve Drucker, Loretto’s President, strongly endorsed the President’s health care reform bill, saying it allows many low-income people to receive care who up to now could not afford health insurance.
    Loretto physician Deen Gaddam and cardiologist Dr. E. Gaddam both praised the president’s health care act, saying it is morally and medically the right policy.
 Dr. Deen Gaddam says the health care reform bill is medically and morally the right policy. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
 Cardiologist Dr. E. Gaddam explains that before the president’s health care reform bill was signed into law, he could not refer patients without insurance for specialized care. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

Rev. Jesse Jackson with Loretto Hospital President Steve Drucker, Emergency Dept. Medical Director Dr. Lois Clarke, Dr. Deen Gaddam & Dr. E. Gaddam. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
Steve Drucker, President of Loretto Hospital, strongly endorses the newly-passed health care reform bill and welcomes Rev. Jesse Jackson to tour Loretto. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

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