Friday, April 2, 2010


 Jason Torres is serving a senior internship this spring at THE VOICE Newspapers. He is a senior at Chicago Academy High School and wants a career in sports journalism. (Photo by Brad)

Jason Torres, a senior at Chicago Academy High School, 3400 North Austin Avenue, is serving a journalism internship at THE VOICE Newspapers. Torres and his fellow seniors at Chicago Academy High School are required to become interns at corporate and not-for-profit sites in order to graduate. The 6-week internship process is intended to give the students experience in career areas of interest.
    “This  program is designed for students to gain professional experience and help them transition into young adulthood,” explains history teacher and internship coordinator Andrew Johnson.
    Torres says he is interested in studying journalism in college, which is why THE VOICE Newspapers was an attractive option for him. Sports journalism is a career path he would like to enter because of his huge interest in sports.
    “I want to have an ESPN-type job,” he says. “I love talking about sports.”
    Torres considers himself a big Chicago Bears, Cubs, Bulls, and Blackhawks fan. He likes to participate in sports, as well. “I play basketball and baseball/ softball just for fun,” he notes. “I’m decent at those sports, and I actually played on the football team my junior year, but I wasn’t very good,” he admits.
    Torres’ other interests include listening to music, preferably Heavy Metal and Rap. He likes hanging out with his friends and eating a lot of food.
    At school, Torres works on the newspaper staff and is Editor of the yearbook. “I like yearbook. I decided to join the staff so I can spice it up. I started my junior year. Previous yearbooks didn’t live up to their potential, so I decided to step in and make it something everyone would enjoy looking at,” Torres declares.
    Torres says he will do anything to contribute at THE VOICE. His first assignment is gathering and arranging reader submissions for the newspapers’ annual National Poetry Month editions during April. He is also preparing a photo article on Chicago Academy since the high school is only in its 6th year and is relatively unknown on Chicago’s West Side. He is also handling general assignment reporting and is doing some photography for the papers.
    Look for Jason Torres this spring on the news beat for THE VOICE Newspapers.

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