Friday, April 23, 2010


The visit of Sec. of State Jesse White to Jordan Temple in Austin promoting Donate Life Month takes on special significance because the church’s Pastor, Rev. Stephen E. Richardson (left), is alive today because he received the heart of an organ donor. Ald. Emma Mitts & Jordan Temple First Lady Cynthia Richardson join in welcoming Sec. White. (Photo by Brad)
     It is especially appropriate that Secretary of State Jesse White visited Jordan Temple M.B. Church, 900 North Lockwood Avenue in Austin, promoting April as Donate Life Month and encouraging the congregation to agree to be organ donors when they die. On November 11, 1996, Pastor Stephen E. Richardson of Jordan Temple was given the gift of life with a heart transplant made possible by a person who designated that his organs should be donated at the time of death. Reverend Richardson says bluntly that he would not be alive today without the gift of a new heart.
    For information on how to leave instructions for organs to be donated at time of death, contact the Illinois Secretary of State’s office at 1-800-210-2106.
 Coach James & fellow coaches present Garrett Wolfe with an official LaFollette Park team jacket. (Photo by Brad)

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