Friday, April 23, 2010

4/21/10 Poems

              (Part One)
Love Ain't What It Used To Be

Emotional bliss,
A smile branded on your heart,
Joy and trust built white creating ultimate memories.
Enduring struggles, forming a bond, staying committed till the end.
For better or for worse,
No sin, everyone in love would win.
Sharing of dreams, goals, less taking.
I'm here for you, you're here for me.
Do you take this man/woman?
        I do.
The scent, touch, vision, and sound of your
soul mate present when you're alone.
The shudder over your body from the back flash.
The closeness, the intensity on the journey together for the ultimate climax of passion.
U feel me?
Cause love...
Ain't what it used to be.
        To be continued...

            -Ya girl, Lyrique

Don’t Repeat It

In this dark place called my closet, I find solace.
I’m older now, but I come here to hear myself think and feel.
My past is locked,
I can’t find the key.
I am told over and over again my mommy has it.
I feel the pain from the cigarettes that
were embedded in my tiny thighs.
I would ask for my mommy and
I would scream out for her.
I was seven when I was given my
tattoos I didn’t ask for.
My mommy has not returned to this house.
Did she leave me?
Did she not know his sickness?
Perhaps his sickness took her away.
Now I’m seventy, my thighs still burn,
I cry; then I hide in my closet.

Symie-Dar Bertha

I want to merge so far over into the left lane
So that no one can see my tears or my pain
So that no one can hear my incessant cries
I want my hair to blow in the wind to cover my eyes
After our breakup I thought I'd be better off living in solitude
But this silence is overbearing and
all attempts to fill it have been crude
It seems that nothing is ever going to fill this void in my heart
I feel like my life was being destroyed from the very start.
Because we never came together on common ground
I wanted to make a home and you wanted to paint the town
Now all I have are memories of days gone by
Day where I jump into my car and hit the road and cry
And merge so far over into the left lane
Where no one can see my tears or my pain.
Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee

A salute to all poets

I salute each of you this exciting month of april for a job well done.  You took the time to share from your heart and did your part.

You didn’t make any excuse through the winter, spring, summer and fall.  You came to deliver and today you are remembered.

I salute all the poets in the world:  every boy, girl, woman and man.  I am a true fan.

Look around you, you have uplift with your god gift!

We can’t forget Shirley yee, she got a promotion and had to leave but mike is right there because he care.

My mother told me my father had a line in a play when they were young

  “speak up ike and express yourself”  I say to you this day “speak up poets and express yourself, you are one of a kind and thank you for your time!
Given By God to:
                         Frances Loretta Freeman #54


Drifting slowly through your memories
Watching scenes that burn my eyes
Trying to grab on to the good times
But they only pass me by

Like a cage, you have imprisoned me
So that I cannot take a breath
Your words hold me in a bind
Like they are trying to rush my death
It’s like racing through a maze
With only one prize in my sight
But my opponents are your
hate filled words
And they’re trying to steal my light

But I have the weapons to fight them
My heart and the dreams in my mind
Because unlike your attempts to destroy me
My weapons will outlast time

So with my sword and my shield
I prepare myself for war
Against the one true thing
I thought was real
And I know it will shake my core

And at the end of my battle
I stand bloodied by deceit
But when it comes to the heart I hold
I cannot accept defeat.

Patrick Tunis-Rogers

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