Friday, February 12, 2010


Orr student archers participating in the Youth Guidance Becoming A Man program (B.A.M.), with their coach during the Austin tourney. (Photo by Brad)
The Austin Polytech Archery Team hosted the B.A.M. tournament in their gym. (Photo by Brad)

A happy Robeson High archery team after the tournament. (Photo by Brad)

A Frederick Douglass archer pulls back the bow & lets his arrow fly to the target. (Photo by Brad)

An Orr student archer takes aim during the tournament at Austin High presented by the B.A.M. program of Youth Guidance. (Photo by Brad)
Proud archers from Frederick Douglass High School. (Photo by Brad)

Bows Up. Competing archers from Austin Polytech, Douglass, Orr, and Robeson shoot arrows at targets as part of the B.A.M. program. (Photo by Brad)
Students from Austin Polytechnical High School, Orr High School, Frederick Douglass High School, and Robeson High School gathered at Austin for an archery tournament. They are all participants in the Youth Guidance Becoming A Man program (B.A.M.).
The 27-week program combines group assessments, individual counseling, prevention-based instruction, and athletic competition helping 12- to 16-year boys successfully make the passage to manhood. The B.A.M. program blends anger management, violence prevention, and academic achievement, with mentoring and emotional maturity. B.A.M. emphasizes five core values: Integrity, Accountability, Self-determination, Positive Anger Expression, and Visionary Goal Setting.
After school, B.A.M. participants compete in such sports as archery, boxing, martial arts, wrestling, and other team sports not requiring dominating strength, body size, or natural talent.

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