Friday, February 12, 2010


Topics In Science, Social Studies & Math
Isril Parker, 8th grade, studied the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor – “A Day That Will Live In Infamy,” bringing America into World War II. (Photo by Brad)
Kindergarteners Amara German, Justin Abina, Joidann Watson & Simone Jones worked on colors for their class’s project. (Photo by Brad)

Alexia Leggin, 4th grade, performed experiments to find out what makes steel wool rust the fastest. (Photo by Brad)
Brandi Cannon, Kendall Davis & Ashanti McFarland, 2nd grade, created a hallway exhibit of Animals Around The World. (Photo by Brad)

Shermar Price, 3rd grade, learned all about New Jersey, The Garden State. (Photo by Brad)

Kiara Robinson, 8th grade, researched the life & accomplishments of Malcolm X in the Civil Rights Movement. She admits her father gave her a little help. (Photo by Brad)

Jeremy Taylor, 5th grade, studied our 12th President, Zachary Taylor, to find out if he is related to Old Rough & Ready. He did find out the president had lots of enemies. (Photo by Brad)

This one is way over our head! Deja Coleman, 7th grade, studied Balanced Equations. (Photo by Brad)

Alex Jones & Ariel Myrick, 1st grade, started plants from seeds. (Photo by Brad)

Demetrius Linear, 6th grade, built a diorama to show off Animals of the Grassland. (Photo by Brad)

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