Friday, April 5, 2013


At the recommendation of State Representative La Shawn K. Ford, Loyola Law School director of Public Service Programs Mary Bird brought six student volunteers to work with VOICE paperboys on their Kicks For Africa project on Saturday, March 23. The law student volunteers and VOICE youth workers washed the athletic shoes donated for shipment to teenagers in Africa, made sure they were in good condition and had mates.
Nicole Julius, who works with United African Organization, discussed with the teens the size and complexity of the African continent, the variety of nationalities, customs, languages, climates, and politics of African nations.
La’Mont Williams, a football star in high school on the South Side, went out with the paperboys and threw the football around. Diana Chen impressed the boys with her expertise at hurling the pigskin the length of the parking lot in a perfect spiral.
Then it was pizza time, thanks to Mary Bird and Loyola School of Law. The paperboys ate and discussed college and the law with the Loyola students.

Cleaning the Kicks: Loyola law students La’Mont Williams, Nicole Julius & Erin Antonik cleaning and deodorizing donated athletic shoes with a VOICE paperboy and Taj, project coordinator of Kicks For Africa. (Photo by Brad)

Loyola law students Erin Antonik, Diana Chen, Taj (coordinator of the Kicks For Africa project for THE VOICE), Nicole Julius, La’Mont Williams & Samantha Kronk, with shoes they cleaned & matched. The kids have collected about 75 pairs of shoes to send to African teens. (Photo by Brad)

VOICE paperboys & Loyola Law School students with the Kicks For Africa shoes being collected and sent to teenagers a continent away as a gesture of friendship. The Loyola students helped out during a Community Service Day suggested by Rep. La Shawn Ford. (Photo by Brad)

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