Friday, November 23, 2012


    St. Angela School, 1332 North Massasoit Avenue, recently dedicated the O’Rourke Prep for 6th, 7th & 8th graders in Cunningham Hall of the Catholic elementary school. The ceremony was held on the one-year anniversary of the sudden death of St. Angela’s Principal Mary Kay O’Rourke of a heart attack. She was the first lay principal of the school.
    O’Rourke Prep is designed to prepare middle school students for high school, college, and careers by separating them from primary level students. O’Rourke Prep students are assigned to three houses as homerooms: Notre Dame House, Marquette House, and Northern Illinois House. Plans are for students to visit each of these universities on an upcoming college tour. They are also expected to complete community service projects as upper class students.
    St. Angela School is an amazing success story in Chicago Catholic education, having risked closing when the sponsoring parish closed and enrollment dropped to nearly 100 students, close to the level at which the Archdiocese decides to close schools. The staff vowed to fight to keep St. Angela open. In the intervening years, enrollment has swelled to 400 students during a severe recession and at a time when many parochial schools are closing. St. Angela is acclaimed for consistently high standards, students winning prestigious awards and honors, and success at placing graduates in top high schools. Austin parents have made a commitment that their children receive high quality educations to ensure success in life, even if it means sacrificing to pay tuition to obtain it.
    For information regarding course offerings, financial assistance, and enrollment, call 773/626-2655. Mrs. Geralyn O’Rourke Lawler is St. Angela’s Principal.

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