Friday, November 9, 2012


    Chicago Police recently executed search warrants and conducted a coordinated round-up of Vice Lord and Gangster Disciple street gang members operating a lucrative narcotics sales conspiracy at and around California Avenue & Jackson Boulevard on Chicago’s West Side. The mission was launched because of increasing incidents of gun violence in the neighborhood related to the narcotics sales.
    Narcotics Division officers, with assistance from the 11th District, took 17 of 22 targets into custody. Police recovered a quantity of heroin, crack cocaine, and cannabis, plus approximately $1,000 in cash. During the course of the investigation, police conducted covert video surveillance and made undercover controlled narcotics purchases from targets of the mission. Several of the narcotics buys took place within 1,000 feet of a school in the community.
    Charges against targeted offenders include drug-related crimes, including Delivery of a Controlled Substance and Delivery of Cannabis. Chicago Police continue to seek additional identified offenders and the investigation remains ongoing.

If it’s something’ weird an’ it don’t look good, Who ya gonna call? GANGBUSTERS!


    Declaring “Gang and narcotics activity plays a large role in the violence in our communities,” Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy unleashed gangbusters on the neighborhood of Maypole & Leamington Avenues in Chicago’s Austin community. Narcotics Division officers arrested 14 targeted offenders and the investigation remains ongoing.
    Superintendent McCarthy emphasizes that profits from drug sales buy guns used by gangbangers committing the violence that has driven this year’s murder rate above last year’s. “We will be relentless in our pursuit of those engaging in such activities,” McCarthy pledges.
    The 4 Corner Hustlers street gang, blamed for a recent plague of violence, controls narcotics sales in the area of Leamington & Maypole.
    “Drug markets diminish the quality of life in our communities and it is our mission to dismantle these drug markets and put the perpetrators in jail,” declares Narcotics Division Commander James O’Grady.
    Surveillance and numerous undercover narcotics buys enabled officers to identify 18 targets responsible for the sale of narcotics at this location. Additionally, police executed five search warrants. A majority of the identified targets are documented gang members, including nine convicted felons and one parolee. Fourteen are in custody.
    During the course of their investigation, Narcotics Division officers, working with the assistance of the Austin District and a Gang Enforcement Team, seized quantities of heroin, crack cocaine, and cannabis with a total estimated street value of nearly $20,000. Also taken in the sweep were a firearm, two vehicles, and cash.
    Charges against offenders include Delivery of a Controlled Substance and Delivery of Cannabis. Police are seeking additional identified offenders as the investigation continues.
    Austin Commander Barbara West is maintaining increased patrols around Maypole & Leamington to prevent gang members from re-establishing drug sales at this location.


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