Friday, October 19, 2012


Meca Elementary Christian School is Bellwood’s best-kept secret. It is a private institution with a mission to impart both knowledge and a Christian value system to children, guiding their daily conduct and preparing them for success in life. Meca is proud to be developing students who are academically competitive. While some argue that socio-economic hardship and race are primary factors retarding student success and holding children back, Meca challenges that conclusion. The student body is 95% African American with over 60% of families income-eligible for the federal reduced and free lunch program. Even so, Meca boasts a 100% graduation rate, with students admitted to top-rated high schools and 100% of Meca students progressing to institutions of higher learning post-high school. There is no recession when it comes to access to education at Meca! According to Principal Glennetta Crowder, “Parents of students enrolled in Meca build bridges that extend from living rooms to classrooms.” They know that the key to success is getting a quality education. “Parental involvement is a critical element to our success,” Crowder adds. Meca’s students engage in a rigorous curriculum that challenges the status quo. Teachers are compassionate and committed. Their students are exposed to character-building afterschool activities, including competitive sports, music, and drama. The school produces bold, confident children who embrace challenges as a pivotal part of everyday life. As the Chicago Public Schools administration grapples with issues of teacher quality and effectiveness, Meca puts students first. In the current economic recession, Meca’s parents and teachers are making sacrifices to ensure bright futures for the children dependent upon them for the quality educational preparation that they deserve and that they need for success in life. Parents interested in a safe and nurturing learning environment that is Christian-based with exceptional teachers, are strongly encouraged to explore the advantages offered by Meca Elementary Christian School. Investigate its record of preparing students to attend and excel in the best high schools and attend colleges of their choice. At Meca, children are the TOP PRIORITY! To discuss enrollment requirements, curriculum, enrichment and extracurricular activities, call 708/547-9980. Arrange a tour of the school and meet the administration and teachers. Meca Elementary Christian School is located at 425 Bohland in Bellwood. For additional information, log onto or like Meca School on Facebook.

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