Friday, August 31, 2012


According to her riveting autobiographical novel, Unbroken, Diary of a Gangsta Girl, Stephanie Powe has seen and done it all…and lived to tell about it! She is living proof that lives can change in the blink of an eye. Her novel leaves little to the imagination and comes clean with the shocking and dangerous events that she has endured over the past 20 years.
    Stephanie was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, coming from a loving two-parent home. She led a normal girl’s childhood, attending Catholic school. Stephanie grew up fast, but her interest was in the fast life, not in boys. She adored fancy cars, money, and status. She was convinced she was born to be a high roller. She new all too well the risks of her new lifestyle, but money, popularity, and the danger made it too good to give up.
    In Unbroken, Diary of a Gangsta Girl, Stephanie chronicles her life. Readers trace her childhood and adolescent years as she discovers her passion for the fast life. The novel was released in June 2012 and is already receiving rave reviews. It is being compared to Sista Souljah’s memoir, Coldest Winter Ever. The book details her struggle and determination to overcome the obstacles in Stephanie’s path.
    In fact, the book describes Stephanie as unlike the typical high roller. She

didn’t run with a crowd, didn’t attend wild parties or use drugs, remained close to her family, and continued to attend church regularly. What set her apart was her knowledge deep down that there was a bigger purpose to her life.
    But, Stephanie’s decision to date one of Chicago’s most notorious gang leaders and drug dealers changed her life forever. After he is sentenced to a long prison term, Stephanie leaves him behind and moves on with her life. But, this angers her imprisoned boyfriend, who marks her for death. In February 1992, Stephanie was shot three times    – twice in the head, causing her to permanently lose sight in one eye, and once in the shoulder. That she recovers is miraculous.
    Stephanie has some scars and many memories from her experiences. Now, she realizes God’s plan for her life is to help others and her book is meant to instill hope in those trapped in lives of abuse and pain.
    Unbroken, Diary of a Gangsta Girl, by Stephanie Powe, is available for $16.00 from or contact Daniels Entertainment Group at 312/787-8920 or 312/304-6305.

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