Friday, May 18, 2012


Congressman Jackson advises Job Corps students to “grab what is being offered to you because it is a valuable gift. In this time of economic recession, doctors, lawyers, and college graduates cannot find work. You will have high-paying careers when you leave the Job Corps.” (Photo by Brad)
Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., visited the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center, 3348 South Kedzie Avenue, to officially open the new Material Handling and Distribution Operations Training Course. The program prepares students for careers in shipping and receiving, forklift operation, and inventory control. It is the newest of the nine trade areas taught at the Chicago Job Corps Center.
    As he prepared to cut the ribbon officially dedicating the new course, Jackson declared, “We are standing on hallowed ground because it is here that futures are built and dreams are born.” He said young people are being prepared for success in the working world, even as the nation struggles with a stubborn economic recession and high unemployment.
    Jackson continued his comments in the campus auditorium, advising students to take everything that is being given to them and realize how lucky they are because they are being prepared for high-paying, secure careers. He said doctors, lawyers, and college graduates are unable to find work in today’s economy. “This will not be your plight because you are being prepared for the careers of the future.”
Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center Director Bryan Mason thanks Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., for his unwavering support for the career-training program. (Photo by Brad)     
The Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center is one of 125 vocational career training campuses nationwide operated by the U.S. Department of Labor. The Chicago Job Corps Center offers nine career training courses. In addition to Material Handling and Distribution, students are learning Carpentry, Painting, Bricklaying, Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Computer Service Technician, Office Practice, and Graphic Design.
    All training is offered without cost to students and job placement services are provided. The Job Corps is open to men and women ages 16-24. Dormitory housing is available free to students wishing to live on campus. Meals are provided free, also.
    Students without high school diplomas are required to take classes leading to graduation or GED. These, too, are offered free on center. Free childcare services are also available on center and program graduates can attend Chicago City Colleges tuition-free.
    For information on applying for admission to the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center, call Beth Allen at 773/890-3131. New students are enrolling weekly as space permits and free tours are conducted every Friday morning. No reservations are required.
Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., cuts the ribbon officially dedicating the newest career-training course at the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps Center – Material Handling and Distribution Operations. Rep. Jackson has been a consistent supporter of the Job Corps in Congress. (Photo by Brad)

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