Friday, April 27, 2012

Poetry Month

Hey, Mister

(a song) By Pennie Holmes-Brinson 
Hey, Mister
Can you have interest in my words?
They go together quite well
I think they ought to be heard
I could bring them tomorrow
And we could have a rehearsal
I want to hear them as a jingle
On a commercial.
Hey, Mister
Can you have interest in my play
It’s gonna be a big hit
With the public someday.
It’s a masterpiece written by me
Some time ago
I want to see it
Performed in a variety show.
Hey, Mister
Can you have interest in my song?
It’s a jazzy melody
I know it belongs.
It’s gonna end up a classic
Recorded by everybody
I want to hear my song soon
Sung by anybody.
Hey, Mister
Hey, Mister
Hey! Mister
It’s gonna be a big hit with the public someday.

Reach for new ideas, believe and you will succeed.
Reach for your dreams and you will achieve. 
Reach higher and higher until you reach your goals. 
Your dreams will come true if you’re in control!           
   -Shontavia Armstron 

By: Ollie Woods
Hmmm I wonder are you capable
willing and able, steadfast and dedicated to the task of loving me?
Will you be all that you can be to and for me? 
My army of one. 
My partner in rhyme, crime, and life. 
The one who I can depend on to go to war with me, go to bat for me? 
All while still openly and honestly critiquing what I write.
Are you her?
The one whom I can reveal all my intimate feelings, the person I can tell the dirty lil details about all my past dealings... 
If you are her I have no problem spilling my guts to you as long you promise to view me openly, because the only way I’ll know if its real when you hold me is if you know the whole me.
I’m wondering are you that woman.
Are you her? 
She that can bring a peaceful slumber to an insomniac.
She that succeeds in areas where others lack.
Rebel for my cause.
She who helps me to recognize, and overcome my flaws
Are you her?

A Love Like This
                           Dedicated to my son
He fulfills me no matter what he will always love me
I feel as though the world is such a small place when I’m with him.
You will never know love until you have had someone like him in your life.
When I hold him I never want to let him go.
It’s a feeling so indescribable that I don’t really think there has
Been a word created in any language that can describe how I feel towards him.
Sometimes I just find myself watching him while he sleeps wondering, what he is dreaming about.
Then at times I see a little smirk that comes upon his face as he dreams.
When he wakes he always gives me a kiss, before he leaves he always says that he loves me.
When he returns home we talk at the table, he always ask how was my day.
When I’m sad he try to make me laugh.
When I’m sick he tries to make me well.
When I leave if I’m gone too long he calls to see if I’m ok.
Every woman in the world should have a chance to know a love like this.
A love that is everlasting for days, months, and years.
A love that will be constant no matter what you or he may do wrong.
A love that warms your heart on the coldest day.
A love that can wipe all your tears away.
A love that is like no other
A love that a son has for his mother.
                Renissa Keys


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