Friday, April 13, 2012


A salute to all poets

I salute each of you this exciting month of April for a job well done.
You took the time to share from your heart and did your part.

You didn’t make any excuse through the winter, spring, summer
and fall. You came to deliver and today you are remembered.

I salute all the poets in the world: every boy, girl, woman and
man. I am a true fan.
Look around you, you have uplift with your god gift!

We can’t forget Shirley yee, she got a promotion and had to leave
but mike is right there because he care.

My mother told me my father had
a line in a play when they were
“speak up ike and express yourself”
I say to you this day “speak
up poets and express yourself,
you are one of a kind and thank
you for your time!
Written by:
Frances Loretta Freeman #54

My People, My People

(Inspired by the Presidential Election of President Obama)

My people, my people,
called by my name
Come boldly come swiftly
Be not ashamed.
Come humbly, prayerfully, seeking my face
Turning from darkness, step into my grace.

My people, my people
stretch forth your hands
Reach upward toward heaven
I’ll heal your land.
Behold, I come quickly, my reward with me
For every man as he works it shall be.

My people, my people lift up your eyes
Beyond the pasts darkness
In to new light.
See the fowls, the lilies
and grass of the fields
Help cometh, help cometh just over the hill.

My people, my people sing melodies sweet
Let earth and the heavens
Fill with my peace
I’m Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End
Lord, God and Father Trust in me Amen.
2 Chronicles 7:14, Revelations 22:12, Matthew 6

                       Deborah R. Willis, Poet- Lyricist



As I sit and listen to the sound of nature,
I realized how blessed we are to have her.
Ms. Nature is what I call her.
Her presence blesses us every March,
April and May at any given day.
When she comes by the grass, flowers and
trees stand at attention and she is pleased,
when it is mentioned.
Boy, I love it when April comes!
The flowers spring up and the birds sing a song.
Ms. Nature is the best and the only one,
that let’s us know when Summer comes.
I love nature!
                                        Clara Ewing

Love is Infinite

Love is infinite! It never dies;
it lies deep in your heart away from unseen eyes!
Bottled up like pop in a can only a person
with real love will understand!
Shaken every time the love of your life walks by;
when full the pressure of love
burst out from your soul and
it can no longer be contained or controlled.
That kind of love is not in vain;
it is real and none void is how it feels.
It takes a special man/woman to know what love really is.
Is that you or him only time will reveal because love is infinite!

By Taniyah Minniefield

How does it feel to have
Everything you ever did turn
Back on you
How does it feel to see
You child grow up and be
just like you?
How does it fee to see
 The things you so called tried hard
To prevent happen to your child
Maybe if you would had though about
your actions before you
did it I wouldn’t be asking you

How Does It FEEL

By Melina Dotson

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  1. Love is infinite is written by Clara Ewing and not Taniyah Minniefield