Friday, March 2, 2012


The 18-member Debate Team from Austin Business & Entrepreneurship Academy is attracting citywide attention for its argumentation skills and its identifiable sweaters & bandanas. (Photo by Charles Smith)
    In its first year, the Austin Business & Entrepreneurship Academy Debate Team is attracting positive notice across Chicago. In one tournament, the Austin debate squad placed 4th out of 22 schools and in another, they placed 3rd. In debate meets, individuals earn wins and the team gains points toward competitive ranking. At one meet, Kyle Thomas and Raquan Ferguson compiled a 6-1 record working together. Austin debaters are also being recognized for their style and presentation skills.
    This year’s question being debated by all teams across the country is that the United States should colonize the moon and stars in preparation for the time the earth’s resources are exhausted, a nuclear or biological war makes life on earth impossible, or an epidemic threatens the human race. Debaters must research the topic and be able to argue both sides of the question, while discounting the arguments of the opposing teams.
    Austin’s Debate Coach Aubrey Monks realizes there is more to winning than strong arguments well presented. She has some other tricks up her sleeve to make sure her Austin team is differentiated from all other schools and intimidates their opponents. She outfitted her team in black sweaters with a large white A on the front. She says this so wowed everyone at the tournament that several other schools adopted uniforms. So, she got her Austin debaters black & white bandanas, pocket squares, and cravats. Now, all the judges know Austin! Daviea Freeman also coaches the Austin Academy Debate Team.
    But, you can’t win a debate if you don’t have the facts, can’t reason clearly, can’t think on your feet, and aren’t able to express yourself articulately. So, Austin’s Debate Team goes on winning.

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