Friday, December 16, 2011


Reverend Steve Spiller, Pastor of Greater Galilee M.B. Church, 1308 South Independence Boulevard, called together North Lawndale clergy and leaders for a meeting with Alderman Michael Chandler. “We wanted to learn his vision so we can move forward together,” Rev. Spiller explains.
More than 75 people were invited to this initial meeting at Greater Galilee Church and about 55 attended. “We told the Alderman we were not here to request anything, we were here to offer assistance and advice.”
The group appointed an advisory board consisting of clergy, residents, and business people to serve as a steering committee and a mechanism for becoming informed, according to Spiller, “because we can’t act without knowing what is going on.” This committee has already met to set priorities and an agenda for a second general meeting.
Rev. Spiller emphasizes that this is a dynamic time for the 24th ward and it is essential that community leaders get organized and promote accountability from elected officials to the people who elected them. Among the priorities the group agreed to focus upon are:
• Crime
• Education
• Employment & Training
• Healthcare Accessibility
Spiller emphasizes that although the group intends to work closely with Alderman Chandler in helping him set his agenda, they will operate independently, as well. Another goal is to attract new businesses to the ward, but also set standards for doing business in the community.
For information on the 24th Ward Leadership Council and to be informed of meetings, call Reverend Steve Spiller at Greater Galilee M.B. Church, 773/521-4330.

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