Friday, November 4, 2011

Alderman Mitts Salutes 37th Ward Resident Roberta Wilson - Who ‘Makes a Difference’ in the Lives of Others

I am deeply honored to serve as the Alderman of the 37th Ward, primarily because of the wonderful residents that we are fortunate to have live and work in our vibrant and diverse community.
That’s why I am especially proud of the recent 2011 State of Illinois Senior Citizen of the Year in the area of Education honor bestowed on one of the 37th Ward’s finest citizens - - Mrs. Roberta Wilson by the Honorable Pat Quinn, the Governor of the State of Illinois a few saluting her accomplishments days ago. She attended a gala reception and awards ceremony at the Governor’s mansion.
Mrs. Wilson was chosen from over one-hundred and fifty nominees across Illinois to receive the top award, which is worthy of recognition itself! As I mentioned last week, Mrs. Roberta Wilson, a longtime 37th Ward resident and loyal community activist, education advocate and supporter, has worked to improve the lives of young people through education for nearly three decades. She has served as a tenacious, tireless and dedicated liaison between local and state educators, policymakers and community residents. She has marched for school choice. A kind yet out-spoken woman, Mrs. Wilson best describes her life philosophy in this manner, which she learned from a favorite aunt who generously gave of her time, talents and treasures: to her family and community.
“I’ve always believed that individuals should have the opportunity to reach their highest potential - and I know that education is the best way to open the door to future success. I was taught to aim high and never give up on your dreams.”
Employed by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) for over twenty-seven years, Mrs. Wilson transferred her love of education to several generations of lucky students. She is very active in the 37th Ward, volunteer for local churches, a Block Club President, an energetic member of many local organizations. CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes for a most deserving woman!! More on this important honor for a 37th Ward resident!!
The 2011-2012 State of the 37th Ward “Report to the Community” will be Unveiled October 27th: This is an event not to miss!! Alderman Emma Mitts cordially invites ALL 37th Ward residents to join her to find out what’s going on in OUR community!!! Join us on Thursday, October 27, 2011, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. at Prosser Career Academy, 2148 North Long, for an evening of ‘conversation and community action’!! Meet representatives from the Mayor’s Office and City Departments, hear local 37th ward news, project updates, current and future city-sponsored initiatives and programs, and the Alderman’s vision for the 37th Ward. We need YOUR Input!! Call 773-745-2894 for more information. See you there!!!

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Emma Mitts is the Alderman of the 37th Ward. This message is a series of weekly columns which address local issues, upcoming projects and initiatives as well as key events within the ward

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