Monday, July 18, 2011


We issued a major ‘CALL TO ACTION” and the community responded! Earlier this week, an enthusiastically diverse, multi-ethnic, bi-lingual group of over 250 concerned local residents, including families, working adults, young people and seniors - from the West Humboldt Park community joined me at West Park Academy, located at 1425 North Tripp for an emergency “ANTI-VIOLENCE” community meeting to address the recent spike in gun violence and the recent tragic murders of several young men within the last few days.
Also in attendance were several key church, community and business stakeholders and representatives from the Chicago Police Department – 25th, 11th and 15th Districts, the Chicago Public Schools, CAPS, CeaseFire, the City’s Building Department, Streets & Sanitation, Bureau of Forestry, the City’s Commission on Human Relations – African & Latino Affairs Directors and many others all came to spread the same simple message of hope and action: “We must all STAND STRONG together to win this fight. No one can do it alone!” The Police urged residents to call 311 and 911, talk to or send written notes anonymously to the Police about troubled spots, suspected suspicious activity, abandoned buildings and lack of street lights. They discussed their commitment to increased patrols in the area, and promised more cameras in response to homeowner requests. A new CAPS beat will be established at West Park Academy, with many in the audience enthusiastically agreeing to attend and participate. Many issues and areas of concern were addressed and a Plan of Action will be implemented in conjunction with my 37th Ward community service office to hopefully create a SAFER SUMMER for all!
I want to deeply thank everyone who came out to help be a part of the solution for safer streets this summer, including the residents, City officials; community and church leaders and the Chicago media, channels 9, 7, 2, FOX-32, Spanish-language television-Univision for covering the event. We all know that it takes a VILLAGE - - well staring today, the VILLAGE is going to start taking back OUR streets and neighborhoods!
Feel free to call my ward office at 773-745-2894. or Stop by and see me at 5344 West North Avenue.

Emma Mitts is the Alderman of the 37th Ward and Chairs the City Council Licensing Committee. For information on City programs and for requests for service, visit the 37th Ward Office at 5344 West North Avenue or call 773/745-2894.

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