Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Message to 2011 Graduates Let’s Make This a Year of Promise & Possibilities

As the commencement season nears, I offer my heartiest congratulations to all prospective elementary, high school, college and post-secondary graduates of the 37th Ward and throughout Chicago! I am a tireless advocate for quality education, and assisting hard-working students and their families navigate their way to a positive future. Each of you is to be commended on your magnificent achievement. The entire community is proud of you.
    The future is yours, and this year can be full of ‘The Positive Power of Promise and unlimited Possibilities’.  As you move forward in life - -remember one important thing: it will be up to YOU to affirm the “I CAN” Spirit to make your dreams come true. My advice? Believe in yourself, follow what you love, and be willing to ask for help. There are good people from all walks of life looking to help you succeed.
    Today, although you are graduating in the middle of a tough economy and an era of uncertainty, do not let anything keep you from achieving your goals!    It won’t be easy, but the most committed will emerge victorious.  What can you do? Seek out a mentor, look for scholarships and grants and work hard. Most important – never give up. As an intelligent, young, and talented individual, you are the STAR and the ARCHITECT of your FUTURE! Make it a BRIGHT one!! HAPPY 2011 GRADUATION TO ALL!
    Feel free to call my ward office at 773-745-2894. or Stop by and se me  at 5344 West North Avenue

Emma Mitts is the Alderman of the 37th Ward and Chairs the City Council Licensing Committee. For information on City programs and for requests for service, visit the 37th Ward Office at 5344 West North Avenue or call 773/745-2894.

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