Friday, May 20, 2011

How to Improve Carpal Tunnel
With more careers involving sitting at a desk all day and typing, the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome increase.  This ailment is numbness, muscle damage, or weakness in the hands and wrist caused by pressure to the median nerve.  Typing, writing, sewing, painting, and playing musical instruments are just some activities that can cause carpal tunnel because of the repetitive motions in the wrist that can cause swelling and pressure to the nerve.  Want to find out how to prevent and improve this condition?  Read on for more:
1. Correct your posture!
This means sitting with your back against the back of your seat while typing, knees bent comfortably and feet flat on the ground.  This reduces strain on joints and muscles, ensures that you are positioned correctly without being tense, and minimizes chances of carpal tunnel or headaches.
2. Purchase the right equipment…
To minimize the stresses of typing, such as cushioned mouse pads, specialty keyboards, glove brace for your arm, etc.

3. Exercise and do workouts that will stimulate your wrists.
Dance about and make sure to use the wrist, perhaps do belly dancing that involves hand motions or repeat karaoke to “Stop! In the Name of Love” by Diana Ross and the Supremes with the original choreography.  Stretch a lot during the day and practice yoga moves that will engage the arms and wrists. 
4. Take Pain Killers (but talk to your MD first).
Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs that can help to reduce swelling and pressure.  If your pain is intense, injections can be given to the area by a doctor for relief as well as there are surgical procedures that can cut the ligament causing stress on the nerve. Talk to your doctor first, of course.
The key thing is to remember to break into the repetition of your normal activities and stretch, move, flick that wrist so that blood flow and pressure is correct.  Maintaining a full range of motion is important, so take out 5 minute breaks for every hour that you are working and do a couple of chair exercises so that you can utilize the full range of motions that your body was made to handle.

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