Friday, April 8, 2011

Lawndale Cinemas reopens, Michael Chandler works for jobs.

Lawndale Cinemas Reopening: A line of job-seekers wait for employment applications for 22 jobs at the long-closed movie theatre at Homan & Roosevelt. It is being reopened in phases, beginning April 15. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
Michael Chandler greets voters & job-seekers at the Lawndale Cinemas after meeting with owners about plans to reopen the theatre he brought to the Homan-Roosevelt Mall. Chandler is seeking to reclaim his old job in the April 5 Aldermanic Runoff Election. (Photo by Isaac Jones)
Michael Chandler returns to the Homan-Roosevelt Mall to encourage people seeking jobs at the Lawndale Cinemas. He was responsible for opening the shopping mall and attracting the theatre when he served as 24th ward alderman. (Photo by Isaac Jones)

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