Friday, March 25, 2011


Michael Chandler is campaigning to reclaim his job as 24th ward Alderman. He cites his accessibility, record of organizing & listening to residents, and his experience as a new Mayor enters office as his assets. (Photo by Brad) 
Michael Chandler helps his campaign staff assemble yard signs. Early voting is now open at Douglass Library & Election Day is Tuesday, April 5. (Photo by Brad) 

Michael Chandler is battling to win back his job as 24th ward Alderman. He is starring in a rematch of the runoff election he lost four years ago. But, he emphasizes that this is a new day with new problems and new opportunities for the people of his ward. Chandler says his experience in the job and familiarity with conditions in the ward qualifies him to again lead the 24th ward.
    Chandler says the major challenges facing the ward are lack of jobs; crime, public safety, and security; economic development; and education. He cites his record as Alderman in attracting businesses and jobs to the ward. He has a plan for utilizing TIF funds to make $50,000 grants to new and existing businesses because small businesses are the backbone of America and employ the most people.
In attracting new businesses with jobs, Chandler says it is vital to embrace our youth, encouraging them to stay in school, excel, and obtain skills training they need to be hired in today’s competitive workforce.
    “We must increase hope among youth,” Chandler declares.
    In his previous terms in the City Council, Michael Chandler was noted for organizing the citizens of his ward, listening to their needs and motivating them to solve problems. He created the 24th Ward Council of Block Clubs and met with school principals monthly. He says he plans to expand this effort even more when elected by setting up working advisory councils on the order of Congressman Davis’ issues task forces.
    “There is a place at the table for everyone,” assures Chandler, “and everyone’s ideas are needed.”
    This brings him to the issue of accessibility. He says the current Alderman does not make herself available to citizens of the ward by maintaining an office on the top floor of a locked building located a half-block from the southern edge of the ward. He says he will again locate his office on Roosevelt Road and be open to the public. He also says he will be visible in the ward to hear the needs of his constituents.
    “The people need basic city services and an Alderman who will listen and push things forward,” Chandler states.
    Chandler suggests that perhaps the biggest change is the election of Rahm Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago. “I am an experienced Alderman and I am looking forward to working with the new Mayor in bringing about positive change in the 24th ward and the City of Chicago.”
    Early voting is open now through March 31 at the Douglass Branch Library on 13th & Homan. Election Day is Tuesday, April 5.

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